Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back in London

27 February 2005

I feel like a rubber ball lately. I probably shouldn’t have planned so many different stops, but I’m having fun too. Checked out of the Nh at Frankfurt (definitely on my new favorites list) and took the cab to the airport a bit early to make my 3pm flight to London. As before, delays due to weather. Weather at Frankfurt first, then backups at Heathrow set us back about 2 hours.

I finally got to the Royal Horseguards Hotel around 7pm. For a four star hotel, the bed leaves something to be desired, but overall, it is a good clean room in a good location and close to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. I have heard that the rooms have been all recently renovated and it is close to the Houses of Parliament, so I guess that many of the visitors end up staying there since everything is just up the street. I found the halls to be like narrow long caves and the rooms nice but small. But they did have hot water, clean rooms and nice staff.

Guess the biggest problem for the Royal Horseguards is that I stayed in the five star Marriott on my first trip in and expect the same here. If you can at all afford the stay at the Marriott County Hall, it is definitely top notch. You won’t beat the staff, rooms, service, professionalism, room size and overall accommodations. You’re going to pay about $425 per night. But for a five star in London, you’re actually doing well. I really miss hearing Big Ben from my room when were at County Hall. BTW, the gardens in that one Julia Roberts movie (Closer - with Jude Law) are the gardens on the riverside of the Royal Horseguards.

Tomorrow’s list of things to do includes a stop at the Marriott County Hall to see if any of the people we saw in September are still around, make a trip to Virgin records for John back at Doha (he wanted a Best of Rush CD collection), go up to Regent Street shopping at Wedgewood, NEXT for a couple things Phil wants, and then a stop at that other store – Past Times – for a couple of things. And if I happen to see something interesting along the way, more power to me. Also have to get a ticket for Les Miserables. So we’ll see how it all goes.

The weather here is about like in Frankfurt and Cologne. Cold and flurries.

Had to eat, so I ended up at the Texas Embassy for Margarita’s and some tasty enchiladas. That was the first meal stop when I got here in September too. The staff here is really nice and the food isn’t bad either. The Margarita’s here definitely rule! Plus where I’m staying at now is just off Trafalgar Square, so it is a quick stumble back. Did I mention before that London is a great town?
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