Saturday, February 26, 2005

Elst, NL to Frankfurt, Germany

26 February 2005

Slept like a baby again. Roland, Angelique, Ilke and I spent the late morning walking around Elst. The city is very quaint. Took a very nice picture of them at the horse statue. They were telling me that the statue commemorates the horse auction they have there in the town center every year. Also saw a funeral at the old Catholic church. The lay-person was ringing the church bell by hand until the casket was driven away from the church.

Roland and Angelique are really happy about their move to Elst. It’s closer to both their families, the neighbors are nice and the house is bigger. They were saying that it was a bit of a pain in the neck living so close to the “holier than thou” Evangelicals in Apeldorn. When I reminded them that the original pilgrims were Dutch that were kicked out of Holland, they wouldn’t admit to having any knowledge of it!

Made it to the train on time. Kind of sad. Ilke doesn’t like good-byes. Hopefully, I’ll see them again soon. She is growing up so quickly. She already got taller and thinner since I saw her in September.

The train trip did not go as planned. In one of the worst trips on Die Bahn that I’ve ever made, the crew were a bunch of knuckleheads. They were very unprofessional in their updates over the intercom system which was bad because we were diverted off the train and onto different trains depending on our destination. I ended up getting up to the Frankfurt Airport and not to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and took a taxi to the hotel from there.

I got to the hotel and called Hal right away as it was already 1630 and I was supposed to go there for dinner. He said no problem. I ran across the street and checked email at the internet café before catching a cab out to their place. As always, it was great to see he, Madeline and the kids again. We had a great steak, salad and corn. The homemade apple pie was great too. Lots of cinnamon and sugar! Then a couple nice snifters of cognac.

While I was there, the snow was really coming down. I guess that Frankfurt has had more snow this winter than they’ve had in quite some time. It was really beautiful watching the snow. Can’t believe that I’m leaving again tomorrow for London. This time is going way too quickly.
I remember Roland and Angelique. Their parents had that pub in Nimwegen. Thanks for bringing back pleasant memories. I also remember their sister, Bridget, but I don't remember if she was Roland's or Angelique's sister.

She was the sister of Roland, Olaf and Harold.

They sold the pub in the 90's and Roland is still is the service.
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