Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It´s a ´´Hardrock´´ Life

20 February 2005

I’m so clever sometimes, it scares me! Get it? It’s a “hard knock” life…oh never mind! I’ll explain later.

I have decided not to try and get out of Kuwait early. I will leave on my scheduled flight out of Kuwait for Frankfurt (via London) at 9am on Tuesday morning. It is kind of nice just to chill out and shop. Buy some stuff for home and then got myself a dress set of clothes for going to a show when in London. Also saw a rosewood carved fold-up bench that I couldn’t live without. That and a few other things along the way and then I had to find a box to ship it all home this afternoon. I just didn’t want to have to drag all this stuff though Europe.

Ed one of our T3 (meet and greet) ITT guys here at Doha had offered to take us (Lee Ann, Shirley (who is here for medical testing) and me, out on the town as long as nothing comes up. We all wanted to go to Hard Rock Café here in Kuwait since it has just opened. Ed said that we will go somewhere else to eat and hit the Hardrock for desert. He said the food pretty much sucks, but the deserts and coffee are good.

Enroute, we got a nice tour of Doha, Kuwait. The city-scape has changed by leaps and bounds since the last time I was out on the town. The Emir is really working to modernize the country and city and the waterfront is really gentrifying quickly. The Kuwaiti’s like the Qatari’s are really looking ahead and planning for the day when oil will no longer support them in their retirement. Where Qatar is developing as the Middle East banking center, it is believed that with time, Kuwait is working on becoming a gambling and entertainment rival with Bahrain. Time will tell. Driving down the coast, you wouldn’t believe all the well-known restaurants and such.

We ended up having beef filets (Argentine beef) at Big Al’s. The filet’s were so tender you about could have cut them with a fork. Excellent food and the service was also phenomenal. As promised, we went down to the Hardrock for desert and coffee. We all had a great time. Spent a fortune on Hardrock stuff, but that kind of goes with the territory.
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