Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Like Old Times

25 February 2005

Got to Elst with no problems at all. Not until after I got off the train. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have any change for the phone to call until after I got to Elst. So I go to the little shop and buy some Menthos to hold me over and to break the 5 Euro in my wallet. I find the phone booth and it only takes cards. Go back to the little shop, but they don’t sell phone cards. The woman behind the counter was just about no help.

Well, the one thing that I did remember when I was here in September was that Roland and Angelique showed me the house when it was still under construction. I may have been all of about half a mile from the station, so I hooved it from there. What else was I gonna do? No “handi”(German for cell phone) and no phone card. Could have stood there and cried, but it would just have caused a scene!

Get to the house and no one was there. Rang the bell twice. Then the neighbor comes out and asks if she could help me. Uhhhh, yes. Roland is supposed to be here for me and I don’t have a phone to call him. Really nice Indonesian family. They brought me in out of the cold and offered to call. Still no answer. Well about five minutes, Angelique pulls up and can’t figure out why I’m sitting on the front porch. Come to find out that Roland was there, but had fallen asleep. He didn’t even wake up for the cell phone ring. I don’t blame him, it was his day off too!

So we ended up catching up and hanging out for a bit. Since they are in a new house, they were talking about going to IKEA for the sale. Just like old times! It was busy, but not too bad. After we got back, Angelique cooked up some of her great stir-fry with chicken. I am going to have to take a stir-fry cooking course when I get back. I could have jammed more of that into my trap. It was great.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Frankfurt again. They reworked my ticket at Cologne before I left, so I can catch the Austria express which started off in Amsterdam and passes through Arnhem. This part of the trip is going too fast.
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