Friday, February 11, 2005


11 February 2005

Same Stuff, different day.

No one even reminded me that I completely forgot about Groundhog's Day. With every day here nearly the same, every day is Groundhog Day. Although we did have a visit from Don yesterday. We were kind of wondering why all the helo's overhead and the Al Faw Palace (not Aw Ful as we'd like to refer to it)was all lit up like a friggin Christmas Tree. It is actually very beautiful when it's lit, but with the lights out dictate, it isn't too often that we see it all lit up.

One by one, all my friends are leaving or have left. Had I not extended, it would be me too. I forgot how things in the military are. You make friends to see them go. I think you judge how quickly your term is going by how many of your friends have left and moved on. I think Frank will be back as soon as he can blow his wad of cash back home. Rumors abound that Randall may come back too, but that's all it is for now. Don't know if he would even recognize the place.

Not that it has changed all that much physically, but politically it is unrecognizable from when he left back in October. Unlike then, now we have SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) that require us to poop in red, white and blue. Maybe it's only red and white since there is already blue water at the bottom of the porta potties.

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I came in and sat down at the desk and in front of me was a post it note with a name and number from back in the States. I thought that I recognized the name, but couldn't place it. After ruling out tech school in Biloxi, and assignments in Colorado Springs and Germany, I finally recognized the name as possibly someone I worked with at Tellabs. So I call up the number and asked Bob if he worked at Tellabs. Sure enough it was him. He had quit and moved down to St. Louis about a year before I got laid-off.

What is even more coincidental is that he sits only a few desks away from another guy that I worked with for three months in Germany when I was stationed there. Talk about a small world. I know that we're not talking about the "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon" here, but I think we forget what a small world the telecom industry is. You just never know who you will run into and where you will run into them.

Maybe I shouldn't have pissed off Dacia (pronounced Day'sha - btw, beautiful name, wicked woman)at MCI back in 1997-or whenever that was. Then again, fate has been treating me better than her--she wasn't aging very well when I last saw her! Maybe her "Dorianna Gray" compact got broken or something. Actually, I think it's all about karma when you get right down to it.
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