Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

17 February 2005

I’ve been keeping some strange hours as of late. Can’t seem to sleep during the day for much longer than three or four hours. Guess I’m geared up about my upcoming leave that was finally granted. Had a bunch of use-them-or-lose-them vacation hours but I wasn’t sure that management was going to approve my leave. Thursday afternoon around 2 pm, I was wandering around and a guy two trailers over from us was out taking pictures of his trailer. I couldn’t see anything overly impressive (or oppressive) about his trailer, but he finally clued me in on what was going on.

Only a half our ago, he was awoken (he is also a night shifter) by a racket on top of his trailer. Apparently, a bullet fell from the sky and landed on top of his trailer sending some of the ceiling dust raining down on him. It didn’t penetrate the skin of the ceiling, but it was loud enough to wake him up and shake him up.

Today, I was hearing speculation in the bathroom that it was something that fell out of a helo, since helo ops are always flying overhead in their quest to scrape their landing gear on our trailer roofs. I highly doubt that that much damage could have been caused by a shell falling from a helo, but who knows? I ain’t the engineer to figure that one out…or just am not that worried about it until the sky falls on my head.
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