Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Boys Will Be Boys

10 March 2005

Have I been back a week already? Can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. I had no problems getting back to Victory, only problems adjusting to the day schedule. My problem seems to be that it is too dark at night to sleep! I've been a mids worker for so long, I've forgotten how to sleep when it's dark out.

Last night and yesterday were the first rockets I think I've heard in a month. A bunch of outgoing from the sounds and looks of things. Didn't see any plumes of smoke on the base, so it must be outgoing. Otherwise, it's been very quiet.

Back into routines yesterday, my day off. Took my laundry over on backpack to ISG by bike and did two small loads. Then over to the PX to pick up a few odds and ends. Then a nice one mile run. I'm trying to get back to running again, but don't want to go through too much pain doing it. Also tried to get my blood pressure medication refilled, but the docs were out in the afternoon. They want me to come back during sick call hours and wait for hours on end. I'll just go without. It isn't actually bringing my bp down any. Gotta go and get new medication when I get back home.

Then came the rain...again. I think we've had more rain than last year at this time. I keep hoping it will dry up and stay that way. Everything is still a slurry of mud this morning and it is still overcast. The temps have been in the mid to upper 70's and the humidity is around 95%. I'll have to go up on and see what the outlook is for the next week.

Got a new roommate when I got back. Actually, he had already started moving stuff in when I got back. He is a midnight worker, so we don't cross paths too often. Only on our days off. We get along alright. He isn't as much of a neat-nik as Scott was, but that's alright. Although, after the little incident that happened in one of the tents this week, maybe we will all have to be a bit neater. Let's just say that managment is now going to conduct health inspections on our living quarters to make sure that we aren't allowing ourselves to live in any slum-like conditions.

Something to do with a two week-old pizza under a cot and a collection of a few bottles of fermented bodily fluids. Well, that and the vermin. Around here, if you have people and food, you have rats and roaches. Part of it was laziness on the part of the individual in question, but the other part of it is the mud. Some people have an aversion to slogging around in mud up past their ankles in the middle of the night.

The laziness part is not throwing it out the next day. The whole idea is kind of disgusting, but not exactly on my top health concerns going on in Iraq (unless you tip it over near my bunk!) It isn't exactly rubbing alcohol, but it starts out biologically sterile. Then again, this whole experience is almost like a drunk fishing vacation without the drinking part, so maybe a bottle collection of fermented bodily fluids under the bed isn't that far out of the norm. Lighten up! There are more serious issues to get your undies in a bundle over (like your leave getting disapproved.) It's a guy thing. You know, boys will be boys.
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