Friday, March 11, 2005

Noah, Build the Ark!

11 March 2005

Holy Toledo! It has been raining here for about 2-1/2 days with little let-up. The rain has only paused here and there on occasion. I guess that the bright side of this is that we no longer have to worry about the mud anymore...cuz everything is flooded! There are few places where you aren't up to your ankles in water at some point in your travels around the base. Remember, we're in a desert here!

Getting to the chow hall is a trip. Someone ended up laying down a 2X4 ladder over one of the walkways to allow you to walk above the standing and increasingly deeper water. The entrance to the chow hall had to be moved because the normal entrance was under water too. The ceiling in the chow hall has been leaking like a sieve. They even have pans laid out all over to catch the rain leaking in. It reminds me of a song when I was little. Something about "oh no don't let the rain fall down, the roof's got a hole in it and I might drown."

One of my coworkers just got a call that he better go down to his tent and get his stuff together. I guess they have about six inches of water in the tent. The "highly extolled" (ha!) people at the Mayor's Cell who are supposed to be responsible for making sure things are properly maintained on the base, are busy in a finger-pointing game between them and KBR (our good and loyal buddies) over who or whether anyone will do anything to control the flooding and whether or how to relocate people into areas that aren't flooded. When he forced the issue with the mayor's cell, all the major there could do was stutter and sputter. They have no intentions of moving people out of the flooded tents and don't have a clue where to put them if the water gets any deeper. The answer must not have been in his career training guides. Clueless pinheads!

Then again, maybe I'm being too rough on them. As of this afternoon, the mayor's cell is ankle-deep in water themselves. But you know what my Ma would say, don't ya? "Boo-hoo, I really feel for ya, but I just can't reach ya."

My supervisor was off yesterday and was watching water run along the breaks in the ceiling of his trailer and eventually fill up the light fixture above his head. Several people I've spoken with have had problems with water dripping off the roof and along the front of the trailer into the door. They get back and there is a giant puddle in the doorway inside the trailer. We are fortunate that our door only warps a bit when it rains out.

I must have looked pretty ridiculous this morning going to the shower in shorts and my topsiders tucked into my goloshes. As a kid, I used to fight wearing them. Until recently, it has been as if my Mom was behind me warning me to wear them. All fashion statements aside, you have to wear them if you don't want trenchfoot around here when it rains. That and the mud that builds up on your feet (if you aren't wearing the damned boots) is unbelievable. You end up with six inches of rock, sand and mud on your shoes. For the first time in 14 months, I actually dug out my Gortex jacket. It is a pretty nice jacket and dry too. Never really saw the need before now, but the rain just won't stop.

Any more rain and they will have to float us out of here down the Tigris to Basrah and the Arabian Gulf.
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