Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Seems Like It's Over Before It Started

01 March 2005

Or so it feels. I can’t believe that nine days flew by so fast. I went down to the desk this morning and asked if I could get a late checkout. They could extend the checkout by one hour, but then I would have to pay 20 pounds per hour after that. It was worth it though. At least I would have the chance to keep the luggage somewhere safe and could clean up before I left.

I decided to have a nice cheeseburger at TGIF’s before going back to Baghdad. I needed some dead cow in my stomach. I normally am not a huge beef fan. I love a great steak every so often, but I tend to lean toward consuming fish and chicken, so the steak at Hal’s on Saturday and then this burger were my max limit of dead cow inching its way through my system for the week! The fries were even hot. I won’t touch fries if they’re cold and the grease is solid. Although, I didn’t get the mayo with these fries like I did at the airport at Frankfurt before I came to London. Boy I just can’t help myself when I’m in Germany with Pommes and mayo. The German mayo just has a different taste to it.

Naturally, it started raining in the afternoon. That was when I decided I was going to take a taxi to the airport. The Tubes will get you there (a lot cheaper at about 12 pounds versus 55 pounds), but I’d have to first walk with suitcase and computer on shoulder to either Westminster Station or to Piccadilly Circus, then drag everything all up and down stairs. Go over to any of the stations on the Piccadilly Line like Earl’s Court if I got on at Westminster. Up and down more stairs with suitcases, then over to one of the other stations just outside of Heathrow on the same platform for the continuing journey into Heathrow.

I am tired and just want to get there already, so I requested the concierge to find me a taxi that took Amex. I wanted to keep some cash in pocket through the trip, just in case. Good to go. Just walked around for the time I had and finally decided to go back to the hotel room. I was just ready to get on with it and start the trip back. At least I slept in.

Got to the airport at around 430pm which was about five hours early for lack of anything better to do. They weren’t ready for me and my baggage yet, so the nice lady behind the counter recommended a nice restaurant downstairs where I should get my last beers before going back to Kuwait! I just can’t believe it’s all done so quickly. But then again, I’ve only got another six weeks to go and I’ll be back home now.
Dave, this is texascommtech. I am THINKING of coming to work for KBR during the next couple weeks; if all works out I should be over there in about a month.
My background is RF-Public Safety 2-Way Radio; Commercial Satellite & CATV; Telephone Company Voice & Digital Data Networks (Southwestern Bell NOC technician); Television Broadcast Engineer, CNN, Florida on Live TV Field Production/Satellite Uplink Vehicle; Tower Climber; CCTV; Home Theater/Surround Sound; Amateur Radio; Burglar Alarms; PA Systems/Intercoms, etc.
The pay is good, but I really DON'T want to go where they want me to go. The supervisor over there is very, very uncommunicative about conditions and job duties; I am having serious reservations about going there; (it is not in Iraq or Kuwait...).
Is your company looking for someone like me? If so, I may be immediately available. College degree in communications, FCC license, NUMEROUS certifications in voice, analog & digital data communications networks design, troubleshooting, repair.
Tried to email you but your link is not working. commtech@nts-online.net (confidential, please!)
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