Monday, April 11, 2005

Message for Monette

12 April 2005

I just saw a message from Monette on my blog a few days ago. Sorry that I missed it until now! Monette, don't worry too much. So many things happen along the way here. You never know when you're going to leave and just when you think you're gone, they pull you back. If Ted doesn't have a phone card, making calls out can be a bit of a pain in the neck. The other thing that is difficult is internet access in Doha. They have an internet cafe, but good luck in getting access. The lines are always around the corner and a very long wait.

If he has already deployed to site, that brings with it a whole different set of problems. Once you arrive on site, you are still jet-lagged and you have no idea about how to access email, outgoing phones, etc.

As far as flight manifest, movement of people, etc., I don't have access to that. But take heart that it can take days of waiting for availability to catch a flight. One our biggest gripes about people movement is the unpredictability of our movement into and out of the field. My trip back to Baghdad in April of 2004 pretty much describes what a mess it can be to get back and forth from here. Things do not exactly operate like the "real world" over here. Lots of "hurry up and wait".

So try not to worry too much. I know he will contact you once he is more settled in and has the chance to. When we are over here, we feel pretty secure and we are just kind of floating along in whatever direction they pull us in. My sister explained it to me that what is so hard for you all back home is the not knowing part. I never thought about it that way and I'm sure Ted hasn't either.

I will be in Doha in a couple of days, so I'll check if he is still there when I pass through. Take care and keep in touch.

It was nice of you to take the time and answer back. As for Ted, he's back in Victory. You were right because he got held back in Kuwait for 2 days. He waited for long hours only to find out that the flights has been cancelled due to dust storms!Thanks for your words of comfort! Be safe!

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Thanks for giving my lady reassurance Dave. As you already know waiting for Space-A is brutal. I was afraid that if I left the "warehouse" I might miss my chance of escape. The longest stretch of sleep I had over that 3 day period (not 2) was 3hrs. Oh the humanity! I guess I'll put that in my blog. Anyways, thanks again.

By the way, what building are you in? Let’s get together; I'll treat you to lunch at the DFAC :)
I'm in building 7, but only for today. I am leaving out tomorrow for six weeks and when I come back, I'll be working at the nsc in the palace. Finally moving up in the world! I'll get in touch when I get back. See ya soon.
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