Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Next Stop, Doha, Kuwait

13 April 2005

Got all my chores done today. I had quite a list of things to do and I think that I managed to get everything done in preparation for departure tomorrow. John and I drove over to BIAP to get me manifested for tomorrow and they’ve moved everything around there. After some discussion, we deducted that it must have been the torrential rains that caused them to move the location of the military airport facilities at BIAP. Now, everything is located on the concrete pads. Well, I’m manifested.

Packed up last night most of what I was planning on taking. Here I thought I would be traveling light. I don’t think I could travel light if my life depended on it.

At the end of the evening at 7:30pm, I was presented with a flag that has been “flown over Camp Victory on this day, the 13th day of April 2005.” The funny thing about it is that we are not allowed to fly the Stars and Stripes here. The concerns of us being an occupying force do not allow our flag to be flown here. So how a flag is flown for presentation (in this case), John and Steve climbed up on the roof this afternoon and Steve held the flag out over the roof’s edge and John timed it and witnessed it!

Then you get this nifty Certificate of Authenticity, “To certify that this American flag flew on 13 April 2005 over Victory Base, Iraq, an American base used for the Global War on Terrorism. As this flag flew, it symbolized the sovereign power of the United States of America and our unshakeable resolve to keep our country safe.”

They normally present a unit coin as well, but they are on order. They will present that to me when I get back. It is a very thoughtful thing for the 54th Signal Battalion to acknowledge our participation and recognize our efforts here along with the Army.

I finished the little bit of packing still needed to be done, but overall, there isn’t much else for me to do but go. John is off tomorrow, but he said he’d come in and drive me to the airport. Next stop, Camp Doha, Kuwait.
Dave, I'm sure you are safe and well in the U.S. again. I wanted you to know I am proud to know you and enjoy living your adventures with you vicariously. Stay safe and I'll see you again soon in Iraq.
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