Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Greetings from London (enroute to Kuwait)

31 May 2005

Greetings from London! Hard to believe that I'm on the way back already. I have absolutely no idea where six weeks went to. I suppose this is a relief to my supervisor, Phil. If he reads this, he'll know that I haven't jumped ship...and someone has lost a big bet!

I have this long-long layover in London of about 15 hours, so I got a room and will sleep and shower and be all refreshed for the Kuwait-Baghdad leg of the journey tonight and into tomorrow. I was scrambling yesterday looking for my hand receipt for the kevelar and flak vest as well as my new "script" for one-year of 90 day supply of BP meds. I tell you, when you're spazzing out looking for stuff, you never see it...even when it's right under your nose!

Well, after two scotches at the bar at 9am, I'm about ready for some shut-eye.

More later.

Just wanted to let you know my husband and I enjoy reading you blog. You have a great way of telling things. Take care of yourself over there. You're in our prayers.

-Dave & Lauren
Southern California
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