Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Cinco de Mayo

05 May 2005

Or 05/05/05 for those of you that need a drinking number or reason to tip one back! I've already had enough Margarita's for all of you since I've been here visiting in Phoenix. Yesterday Deb and I took a ride out to Goodyear just to see the area and go for a ride. It used to be out in the middle of nowhere, but not any more. Located just south of Luke AFB, this quaint little town named after the Goodyear tire and rubber company is quite the boom-town now.

While we were there, we peeked our heads into this beautiful gated adult community built by Fulton Builders. Thinking that I'd not quite be the proper age to consider a neighborhood without old non-running cars in the front yard, couches on the porch and people's snot-nosed kids around, I was pleasantly surprised that the age of acceptance here is the big 4-OH! How cool is that? Just no kids under the age of 19. But, this community might be a bit too snooty for me. With all their noses so high in the air looking down at you, it's a good thing it doesn't rain here often; you'd have more drowned over-40-year-olds than turkeys during a downpour on that turkey farm out off Route 47 back home in Illinois!

So we had a look around at the model ranch-style luxury townhomes. Prices started at $232K and went up to $475K. That is before you add air conditioning, ceramic tile, that extra garage for your golf cart, etc. Oh, did I forget to mention that this community when finished will have three (count them!) three 18 hole golf courses, one nine hole, two pools, two activity centers, a new gym complex,two softball fields, and a host of other amenities for those whose hair is still not all gray and bodies aren't completely broken down yet. I'm impressed!

Here it is Thursday morning and I'm up to my nomadic ways are once again. This time enroute back home from Phoenix to Chicago today. My visit was all too short, but I got to take care of business here with Deb and see my Gram again. I do worry about her less now that she has moved into this apartment in the retirement community. She seems more relaxed with much less stress than when I saw her the last time.

I also was nosing around a piercing place on Tuesday and Wednesday. No more tatoo's for now. Don't worry, I'm not into facial jewelry. All my piercings (except for the ear) I prefer to keep covered under my clothes. I never quite found the facial piercing thing to be for me. Although in London last summer I did see a guy who had spiked studs imbedded in his head like a rooster. It was "interesting", but I'm not going to run out and shave my head and install studs under my scalp this week. I prefer my statements to be a bit more understated and less "in your face" or my face as the case may be. Imagine me with a stud or ring through my nose? With the way my nose runs all the time, I'd have bits of kleenex hanging out off the posts all the time! Okay, sorry for that visual there... :)

And to answer your questions ahead of time...No, no problems with airport security. Body jewelry is more common (and mainstream, not exactly "vanilla", but mainstream) than you think and the professionals at the airport have probably pretty much seen it all at this point.

On the list of things to do before my commute back is; the post office to send back to me the rest of stuff sent to Deb to hold till now, visit with Gram, stop at the cemetary and visit with the "P's". At least the weather in Chicago has improved since I've left. More later. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
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