Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hippo, birdie, two ewes

15 June 2005

The big move is done. I moved from my digs in Dodge South over to "mortar alley" in Dodge North. Not that it is still actively so, just the bad reputation still sticking with it. Moving all my stuff around with the luggage cart, I was wondering to myself how the heck I collected so much stuff and why. With only 11 months left to go, I find it hard to believe that I need as much "stuff and things" as I've got. I guess part of that is trying to make yourself at home for the short time you're here. And in true form, I tripped over my feet with a fully packed backpack on and when the load shifted on the cart, I ended up falling face-first into the load on the cart. I took a cut on my face to the left of my chin. Nothing serious, just a little blood. I think it was a lesson to humble myself. Too smug about taking the initiative to move!

The new digs aren't quite as nice as the old neighborhood and the bathrooms aren't quite as modern or clean as where I was in DS. But, the roommate is good and I will settle in. I guess I'll have to start running again since this new location is closer to the road that I used to run before.

I have officially passed the half-way point in life on the 14th. Gram is going to be 90 in September, so at 45 that makes this anniversary the half-way point. The Witt side seems to have that longevity thing down pat. Now I just have to stave off the familial traits of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and then I too can worry about out-living my savings! The Diovan seems to be keeping the BP in check, so that's a good start.

Woke up today midday to find out I'm sick. Summer colds are the worst and no Chinese restaurant around to get Wanton Soup! Better than Chicken noodle, but that's what I settled for at dinner and Chicken and rice at midnight chow. When I woke up at 2pm today to go to the head, it was hot, hot, hot out. Probably about 117 or so. You could smell the rubber doormat baking in front of the door. Even tonight it is still hot; probably about 95 and humid.

One nice surprise today was an email from South Pole in my Yahoo box today. I worked with Bill down on Palmer back in 1988-90. He is back at South Pole wintering over right now and has been keeping up with reading my blog. They are almost at mid-winter on the 21st of June. His site is It was good to touch bases with him again. I've got to write him back soon. He also commented that I need to continue with my blog/web book from my time down there. My cousin Bill had mentioned that he was waiting for the next chapter when I was home. Chapter four is requiring a bunch of formatting and editing, so please be patient. I haven't forgotten.
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