Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mr. Roboto

03 June 2005

I hadn’t been back but a few hours yesterday and I learned that the day before, the PX at North Victory (Camp Liberty)had a rocket attack that killed a sergeant. There had been a service for him in the morning. There was also a car bomb that went off on the highway at the checkpoint by the statue with the guy with wings. Several people that live in Dodge were rocked out of bed by it. The Stars and Stripes had a write up of both incidents. So, I guess I can mention it now since it was plastered all over the paper. You can’t tell me that the locals don’t get a hold of our papers so I ain’t the one compromising info this time…honest.

As if to complete the welcome home, I got jostled out of bed this morning at 07:30 by an incoming mortar round on base. Hope this isn’t any indication of what to expect for the rest of the year!

Later in the day, I was talking with another friend of mine who sadly informed me that one of our buddies here was just today sent home after an alcohol-related incident. I’m kind of sad about the whole thing, but I hope that he can pull himself together and come to grips with life and all. If you come here with baggage, this environment can sometimes magnify it ten-fold. We might have to be crazy to come here, but you have to stay sane (or fake it real well) to stay. (Boy, that makes a load of sense, doesn't it?)

I'm still getting back into the routine and life here. I am on midnight shift, but my body is still confused. The weather is hot and about 108 or so. Add all that to starting a new job. I don’t feel overwhelmed, just amazed when I see how into their routines everyone is. Was I actually this robotic before my six weeks off? I know I’ll be like that again here soon too. It is just shocking to see this place from a new perspective.
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