Monday, June 13, 2005

Roommate from Hell

11 June 2005

Well, a very early good morning. It is now 2 pm on Sat afternoon and I should be sleeping (as it is 2 am to my body since I’m on midnights). I am pretty wound up right now after a row with my roommate.

He and I have had a go-around before I left on leave, but both of us left it be since he was to be on leave and then I would be gone for awhile. Now granted, I’m not an angel to live with, but at least I try to give my roomy consideration. Our first run-in was my fault. I was up all night because of his snoring and let loose on him about 3 am. Every method I tried to wake him up so that he’d roll over didn’t work and out of frustration, I turned on the lights and woke him up in a rather unkind tone of voice.

But today I have to say was his moment. He was off today and got up about 8am and turned on the lights and turned off the air conditioning. He is studying and on his computer, so he has been quiet, but I was hoping that he’d of turned off the light at some point or taken a break. I even took a melatonin to help ease me to sleep, but that didn’t help enough. I have to mention also at this point that he can sleep at night with all the lights on, but I haven’t slept with lights on since living in the dorm in college.

At first, it wasn’t too warm, but as the morning progressed, it got warmer. I kept getting up to turn the a/c back on and as soon as I would drop off to sleep, he’d turn it off. Sleeping on days is difficult enough with the light and most people that work nights will put aluminum foil on the windows to keep the light out. But today that wasn’t going to help since he had the fluorescent lighting on all day. Getting woken up every hour doesn’t exactly allow for restful sleep.

Well, about 12:30, I’d had enough and said something. I’m one that let’s things build up inside of me before I say anything, so when I let loose, it is kind of like Old Faithful! We exchanged words and I told him that either he was going to have to move or I was. He said that he wasn’t going to (even though I’ve been in this trailer since May of 2004). So I took my happy behind over to KBR and requested a trailer change.

We haven’t spoken yet today since he left in a huff, but I haven’t anything more to say to him. If he thinks that anyone else will put up with his crap, I’m sure he will find otherwise. I’ve started to pack up my stuff into a few boxes I had under the bed and now I just have to wait until a trailer opens up. I really don’t want to move, but under the circumstances, I don’t see that he is going to instantly become Mr. Considerate or Mr. Clean for that matter. That has been another rub with me too. So I think that this is the best solution for all concerned.

Enough of my complaining for now. I’m kind of crabby if you haven’t noticed.
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