Thursday, June 16, 2005

You've Got Mail!

16 June 2005

And that I did. Got a funny birthday card from my Uncle today clearly declaring that this card did not contain any weapons of mass destruction (noone left here in Iraq of that group to verify that) or money. I also got a postcard from my Mom! Yep, you heard me right, a postcard from my Mom! "Greetings from Watersmeet, Michigan" For those of you who don't know me, that is just shy of a miracle since my Mom passed about two years ago. Okay, so the postmark over the five-cent stamp was July 27, 1967! My Uncle had found an old postcard that my Mom had sent he and my aunt when we went on our first vacation as a family up to U.P. (that's "Upper Peninsula" Michigan for any of those not familiar with UP-talk). He sent it along with the b-day card and thought that I might like it.

"Dear Bonnie, Earl & Jennifer,
It's been cold and rainy. Today it
warmed up a little and Don got 8 panfish
and Uncle Ray 4. Kids love it here.

Don, Donna, Davy & Dee"

I've saved a number of postcards that I've sent to my Mom, Dad and Great Gram. Moments and feelings captured in time. In these days of instant messages and email, you have to wonder if the days of "snail mail" are numbered. Sure, I've saved some of my email from when I was in the Antarctic, but how many people have saved any email from their everyday lives?

It kind of touches my senses to study the penmanship of Mom's handwriting back almost 30 years ago. Realizing that this is one of the few personal things of Mom that we have left that was and is still, genuinely her (along with a lock of her hair I cut and saved). Penmanship is almost an artform in itself. Email is and always will be void of that quality. Email doesn't have the pen's imprint on the paper, the personality of the scripted words, the little errors of the hand correcting the "7 panfish" making it an "8" (fish stories?!) or Mom's certain rounded D's where she signed our names.

For all the convenience of digital pictures, digital mail and camera's mounted on our computers, I don't feel that any of these media will ever have the personal touch and intimacy of the handwritten postcard or letter. I say that in all honesty from my blog!
You're right about hand-written letters. (Sorry, just stumbled across your blog and invited myself to share my opinion. *grin*) In this electronic world of email, when it's easier to jot a quick note on the computer or just pick up the phone, my Dad still prefers to hand write letters ... and I love it. The letter becomes a cherished treasure. It's too bad we've all gotten away from writing.

And happy birthday, if your birthday is near! d:)
Thanks for the greeting, and happy birthday from the South you may remember, birthdays are big things in the Antarctic...

I share your comments about mail and penmanship...I have a collection of letters and cards from my first winter--no email then!

Dave, Happy Birthday! Whenever it was. Dave and I were going to try to see you when you were home and went as far as to find your phone no. in Sycamore, but then time flew and you were again gone. I am sure you were very busy. When you come home next time we would like to get together. We both enjoy reading your blog religiously. I print them every few weeks and take them home. And your other writings as well. Stay safe! -Inga and Dave in Naperville
Oh where or where has little Dave gone....or where oh where could he be??? We miss you Dave...looking forward to reading your entries soon!!

The Foster's
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