Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bike Woes

20 July 2005

Not too much to write about here lately. I messed up my bike this morning. I borrowed the tire pump to fill my front tire only to discover that I couldn't get the nozzle off the stem! Ended up ripping the stem right out of the tube. So now I get to grovel to Randy and see if he will fix my tire. He is kind of our local tinkerer and local bike scavanger. Seems to really enjoy keeping his hands in the grease. He picks up all the old bikes and makes new ones out of old ones. Even though I chose to buy a brand new one, I was planning on asking him to make some adjustments to my gears and maybe grease up the chain. The dust is so bad here that grease doesn't do its job very long before it's dried up and crumbling off the chain.

Hopefully, he has some spare tubes, otherwise, I'm out my wheels until my "nashbar" order comes in. I just went up on to order some spare tubes, a rear light and a tire pump. Rules are so elaborate here for riding a bike,you wouldn't believe it. Don't even think of getting on that bike without a helmet and a reflective belt and add to that a rear and front light at night. Not that I would attempt these "streets" around here at night! Some of our streets are no better than mountain trails in parts of the base. Poor Mary took a good spill the other morning last week at like 4 am on her way to the gym. She's got some real purdy purple and yellow bruises on her hands and legs that are developing very nicely with all the colors of the rainbow.

Bikes are most peoples mode of transport around here. Some of the trailer areas are so far from the work areas, bikes are the next best way to get around. Now that I'm in the "back 40" of North Dodge, I've been using my bike more to get around. I used to think that my place in Dodge South was off the beaten path till I moved here. We just about need taxi service...or gondola service once the rains start again!

Bikes are so much a part of our lives here that people have stooped to stealing seats and pedals! You wouldn't think that a pedal would be worth anything, but when you have limited spare parts floating around, anything not glued down tends to grow legs. If you've been one of those that have sprung for the cushy "gel seat" from nashbar, you'd best take that puppy off the bike and keep a sharp eye on it. Those gel seats do make for a comfortable ride.

A while back, one of the guys I work with here had a bike stolen in front of one of the buildings we work at. When he found the guy who took it riding it around the base, the weasle (in his own defense) says, "well, it was covered with dust and didn't look like it had been ridden in awhile." To which Alex responds, "Every frigging (to paraphrase his actual words) thing in this country is covered in dust! That doesn't mean it doesn't belong to someone!" You can leave something outside for only a few hours and come back to find it looking like it has been out in the desert with six months of dust/grit covering it. Why do you think the buildings are sand colored? It ain't to brighten things up some.

Another guy had his bike (unlocked) outside his trailer and came out to find an Army guy getting on his bike to take off. The Army thief then has the gall to ask, "Oh, is this yours? I thought someone just left it here!" Fortunately, the guy got a look at the nametag on the thief's shirt. But that should be a warning to anyone with a bike here; lock it up.

I've finished watching NX 3 and kind of sad from not wanting it to end yet. Think I'll watch it again. But for now, I've started on the first season of Bewitched back from 1966. I can remember watching that show growing up and always loving it. Gotta tell you, Endora is the greatest. She is so evil but so lovable! I've ordered seasons 1 & 2 of Moonlighting from Amazon. I'm finding TV shows easier than movies to watch lately. I can pop in a couple of episodes before I go to sleep and don't feel obligated to stay awake to the end like I would with a movie.

Heard a good riddle today that I'd like to pass on. I'll give ya the answer tomorrow or next posting. So here we go: A man runs into a bar and says, "Give me a glass of water." The bartender responds by reaching under the bar and pulling out a gun and points it at the man. To which the man says, "Thanks," and walks out of the bar. What the heck was that all about?

Okay, one more. A guy leaves home, makes three left turns, to return home with a guy in uniform waiting for him. What's the deal?

So have a good day and see if you can figure the riddles out. Hope it's cooler where you are.
Maybe he should have said "sell" me a glass of water?
Or maybe the magic word.
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