Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Gone with the Schwinn..."

23 July 2005

Got up on Wednesday night and showered, shaved, dropped my backpack at work and headed to the chow hall. My heart about stopped when I saw on the big screen in the chow hall that more bombings had hit London. This time my sister and brother-in-law are there. Deb and I only last week discussed the whole thing and we both agreed that you can't cave into this and run scared. She and Mark were going to London without any reservations of the recent bombings, just as I would if I had plans to go. London is just a great place and nothing would keep me from going.

When I got into work and checked my email, Deb had just sent out an email stating that they were okay.

"Just a quick note ... there were additional bombings in London today (at Warren St I believe) & I wanted to email you that we're fine...I'll call Dee & email our friends in a few minutes but wanted you to know we're fine in the meantime.

We're off to the Wedgewood store now ... decided to sleep in today instead of Buckingham Palace (which worked well since we'd have been on the underground at the time of the bombings), but have some shopping to do now! :) "

So basically, she was saying that there were more bombings today, but I've got shopping to do! (Glad the priorities are in order.) At first I thought she might be taking it all a bit too much in stride. But thinking about it later, I think that she and the Londoner's in general have the proper attitude. Any other attitude less than casual plays right into what these extremists want.

But one does have to wonder to what extent will the world's free nations put up with the extremism? Where will the line be drawn? How many more bombs are going to be tolerated in the Tubes or on the Spanish rails? Europe has already been much more vocal in their concerns with their Muslim populations. Europe has in many cases already expressed their concerns of the lack of the local Muslim populations to integrate into European ways and life. More so than in the States, Europe has already had issues and confrontations with the influx of Muslim immigration and even with their second and third generation Muslim populations. Patience and understanding may be starting to wear thin.

Got my bike fixed today. Whoo-hoo!! Randy our "super-duper-mr.fixit, and then some" guy had a spare tube which I will gladly give him one plus one for his unselfish assistance as soon as my order arrives. He also adjusted my gears and brakes and I'm off like the wind on my Schwinn - well okay, on my Diamondback! (I just had a vision of Kermit on his Schwinn as in "gone with the Schwinn" (before they were made in China) in the Muppets Movie)

Nothin else too interesting going on. Oh, before I forget, the answers to the riddles...

A man runs into a bar and says, "Give me a glass of water." The bartender responds by reaching under the bar and pulling out a gun and points it at the man. To which the man says, "Thanks," and walks out of the bar. What the heck was that all about?
The guy running into the bar had the hiccups!

Okay, one more. A guy leaves home, makes three left turns, to return home with a guy in uniform waiting for him. What's the deal? The guy leaving home was a batter that just hit a home run. Three lefts and back to home to a guy in uniform which would be the catcher or the umpire.
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