Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm Okay...Just Lazy

21 September 2005

Okay, okay already! I've been particularly lazy the past few weeks and just haven't felt like writing. It's funny too, since things have been happening around here. I will say that we have been as consumed if not more than you at home with what has happened in New Orleans. We have seen the concern and worry of some of the soldiers here about their loved ones back home. We have also seen them pack up and leave on a moments notice when approval to depart was given. For many, it was going to be a challenge to find their relatives once they do actually make it to any airport nearby New Orleans, Biloxi-Gulfport, and any of the gulf areas nearby in Alabama that have been hit hard by Katrina.

I was riding my bike through the viaduct between Victory and Slayer when my ride was stopped short. Some semi trying to fit through the viaduct was about a foot too tall. Traffic was stopped in both directions, but since I was on two wheels, I was able to sneak by them. Although a couple of feet of the trailer was wedged and crushed at the top of the viaduct, the driver and military police were letting air out of tires to hopefully back the wedged truck and cargo out of the jam it was in. By the time I rode back, the truck was gone.

Last week (for the first time in how long) we had incoming mortars! I guess it was in protest to some headway made on the constitution. I think that five mortars came in. Seemed like they were more of a reaction than any kind of serious action or attack. Maybe it was in celebration of the hot weather finally breaking. It's down to 70 or so by early morning now. We've had a few warm days up in the 100-teens, but low 100's are more normal now; and soon down into the 90's. Time to break out the sweaters!

I did stop running for a few weeks over in that area where I heard the bullets flying last month. My sister was giving me hell about that too. She was telling me that there is a serious disconnect between the "me" that lives at home and the "me" that lives here in Iraq. She says that she can't believe that the anally tidy and clean person that lives in the nice house, nice neighborhood, typical middle-class-America-type life in Illinois would ever tolerate the living conditions that I live with and write about...especially the flying bullets and mortars part!

That experience a couple of weeks ago forced me to start running in a different area, which in turn has me now running more distance. Now I'm alternating every other day between 4 and 6 miles with a day off inbetween. Running that much every day just wears me down too much for now. I thought about doing the 5K last week, but lost interest.

Other than running once I'm off work, I've been watching video and reading. I'm almost through the first and second seasons of Moonlighting. After that, I'll start into season 4 of Will and Grace. Was going to start DiVince Code after Potter, but instead needed some comic relief and am reading Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I had heard a CD of his that Briz lent me and he also recommended the book. I also just completed a more serious book called the United States of Europe. I know, sounds boring, but I tend to gravitate to boring, social sciences type crap. This book was on my wish list and then was recommended to me when I was at home. I still have a small library of books that I sent from home and some found around here that will keep me reading for some time to come.

Got a good laugh this last week. A boxing ring has been built and set up over by the chow hall and the first matches were held on Saturday night. One of the soldiers we work with had made it back just in time for the shift brief and was all agog over the boxing. He was excitedly describing how he only got to see two or three matches, but he really enjoyed the two women beating the crap out of each other! That seems to be the general consensus around here about the boxing...always enjoyable to watch two dudes beating the crap out of one another, but when two women jump in the ring, you've got a captive audience!

As expected, people are equally all excited and happy that the football season has started up again. Since football pools are illegal, picks are made, but no wagers are exchanged. It is more for the fun of seeing who has a better handle on which teams are better. Eve had us busting a gut this weekend when we heard the method to her madness with her winning picks, so pay close attention. She doesn't like colors or style of Dallas' uniforms, so we can't choose them....Chicago/Detroit; she'd rather be going to Chicago than Detroit....Cleveland (of course) because there is no Cleveland without "Eve" (go figure!)...Never Arizona because after her stint in the Army at Fort Huachuca, nothing good could ever come out of AZ! Actually, she does like the coach of the Colts, so there is one that doesn't depend on the colors, the cities or the uniforms. There must be something to her madness, because she only lost five of her picks this week. She is still considering a trip to Monte Carlo in December. Now there is somewhere where she could take advantage of some of that unorthodox luck.
Okay mister....you so lucked out this time. I was gonna send at a search team for ya if you didn't post soon!! Man, you scared the bageebers out of me ya know!!

I glad to hear that the temps are going down for you. I think that will help ya out a bit don't ya!!.

You take care of yourself and make sure you are aware of what is going on would ya. NO MORE FLYING BULLETS!!!

Love to you!!!
Are you trying to worry me or something. It has been almost two weeks again. Are you okay!! Halloween is just around the corner ya know...LOL!!!

Love ya,
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