Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

31 Oct 2005

Happy Halloween to all. Haven't written anything in some time now, but not too much to write about. Nothing too too scary happening here...unless you count some of the haircuts given at the AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services)Barbershop or hair salon. Poor Mary wanted bangs the other week, so she went over to the AAFES Hair Salon. When she came out, she was about in tears and still was that night when we saw her. They apparently cut it crooked and really hacked her up. She wore a hat as often as possible for the next two weeks until it grew back enough to pull it back again.

Remember a few weeks back when I was hinting about AAFES being money-grubbing, monopolistic jerks that "we go where you go" only because they know where they can make a good buck fleecing the soldiers? Well, true to form, they've kicked off all the haji stores off of Victory since they don't want to give AAFEES their 25% cut of the profits. That's some shock, huh? They try to convince you how much they care about customer service and all, but we know better.

The only other scary thing going on might be issues with management and another employee here that I'm not at liberty to speak about. Not that I'd want to. But you'd think that if you'd lied on your resume, don't have a clue about the job you were hired to do and are the intentional cause of discontent among the other staff trying to pull your load; one would assume that management would be trying to remedy the situation instead of coddling the perpetrator. As we've discussed before, it's all who you know. It's all politics. Now that's some scary Halloween crap!

Well, the Sox did win the Series last week! Wooo-hoo! Unfortunately, I've lost out on the excitement leading up to it and the euphoria afterward. This is when it sucks being an ex-pat. I was in the same situation when I was stationed in Germany and the Bears won the Super Bowl back in '85. You almost feel cheated, having been home during all the losing years and missing out on the good stuff when the moment finally arrives.
David, What is AAFEES?

And on the scale on 1 to 10, how ignorant that lier empoyee? I am just curious

AAFES - Army Air Force Exchange Services as in Post Exchange (PX) for Army and Base Exchange (BX) for Air Force.

1 - not ignorant at all. He played the game, pulled the wool over the management's eyes and management won't get rid of him because he has a pulse and they get paid big bucks for keeping bodies in country. He is now our issue to deal with...that is why we continue to pull the load. I think he has played the system rather well; and won the big prize to boot! dg
Thank you Dave.
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