Monday, December 05, 2005

In a Fog

06 Dec 2005

The flights from Chicago to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Kuwait went without a hitch. Well, mostly without a hitch. The bonehead at the United counter in Chicago wouldn’t issue my boarding pass for the Frankfurt – Kuwait flight. This then required me to stand in another line to get a boarding pass once I arrived in Frankfurt. When I asked the agent about it, she advised that they should have issued that boarding pass at that time. But the good thing about it was that I was able to move from a window seat to an isle seat in the middle section of Business Class. How’s that for stylin’?

Now comes the challenge; the flight from Kuwait to Baghdad. Not very often has this leg of the journey gone without incident and tonight is no exception. When we landed at KWI, the weather was clear and about 70 F. The busses to take us to the APOD and then to Ali As Salem were all set to pick us up at 2330, but then the fog closed in.

As I write this in the airport food court, the fog is so thick that you can barely see across the street to the parking lot. And just my luck to have a show-time for my flight out of Ali As Salem of 0330. I have no idea at this time whether the flight line at Ali As Salem is also socked in with for or not. I’ve already had two cups of Starbucks, so another cup of java is about out of the question for now. We have loaded the luggage onto the busses, but they aren’t going anywhere until this damned fog lifts some.

So much for the plans to be back in Baghdad on time!
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