Thursday, December 29, 2005

Now Who's Gonna Make the Donuts?!

29 December 2005

Not too much going on. We’ve been hearing some booms here and there, but nothing close to anything. Balad on the other hand, has had constant incoming mortars.

Took a trip today up to Liberty PX. I actually found some Kleenex (Yes, the registered trademark stuff!) I like to carry the pocket size and have the foil box close to me in the trailer. With all the colds and flu going around here, our PX and Slayer PX were all out for the past week. Like I’ve said before, if you see something you may need, better buy it while you see it. You know that when you want it around here, it ain’t to be had!

On the way out of the PX, I also stopped by the Turkish vendor. (Like I need more “things and stuff!”) I could never live under a viaduct unless they started creating two storey refrigerator boxes for under the viaducts with storage facilities. I’ve already bought a couple of hand carved boxes from him. You know, the kind with the hidden slots with the key. Shift this slat of wood that you wouldn’t know even moved. Or turn this floret on top to line it up with the indented dot so you can push a button of what you though was a decorative pattern in front to release the lid so it can be opened. Really nice stuff. So much of the stuff we see at the bizarre is made in Turkey or Pakistan or India anyway.

Tiff and Jen, two of my ITT coworkers should be back soon from their little African Safari. I am so envious. I want to know all the details of their trip when they get back. They flew into Nairobi and then had to catch a puddle-jumper into Kilimanjaro for their safari. That’s all I know so far. An African Safari is definitely on my short list of things to do before I retire. Why should I wait to retire to enjoy it? If I waited till I was old, I’d of never seen the Antarctic or this place.

Don’t know if you read it yesterday, but Michael Vale died. Who is Michael Vale, you ask? Only THE Dunkin Donuts guy! He was Fred the Baker in all the commercials back in the ‘80’s. Poor old Fred with sleep still in his eyes would wander in at 0430 and always say, “Time to make the donuts!” So now who’s gonna make the donuts?!
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