Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

07 January 2005

The old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

Happy New Year as this is the first blog for 2006. Good thing I'm not an old man AND I don't get up in the morning. It's been pouring rain the past day or so. Friday night it rained some, but then it dried up enough that we weren't bathing in mud. But today, let's just say that the rainy season is officially here. We must have had about an inch of rain today. I got woken up by the rain pounding on the roof of my tin can and on the a/c cover about 4pm. Nothing like the pitter patter of raindrops to lull you back to sleep for another couple of hours.

Problem is that eventually, you have to get up, wade through the mud and ankle-deep puddles to go to the bathroom and to the shower. With the spartan existance we live here, you'd think that they would have at least spread a good six inches of crushed stone over the mud...especially after last years "Venice in Baghdad" that our trailer areas became in March.

Then the military upper echelon get all bent out of shape when their soldiers are urinating in bottles or urinating off their steps into the flood zone we live in. "It's not sanitary!!" Yep, it's not, but when you treat the soldiers here like animals, they will act accordingly. I say that only because the KBR contracted employees live in a trailer area all fenced in with rock and stepping stones and (get this!) WET TRAILERS. You got it campers...trailers with private bathrooms. They may not pay their employees much, but they take care of them like kings. Don't think that little fact is overlooked by the soldiers or the other contractors here.

However, this time I am prepared. When I was home over Thanksgiving holiday I made a trip over to Blain's Farm and Fleet and picked myself up a pair of Northerner Servus Uninsulated PVC boots ( to make it through all the mud and water Mother Nature wants to dish out here at Camp Victory! The only thing these babies won't prevent against is me falling in a waist-deep hole and getting wet and muddy up to my waist like last year. So how's that for being prepared?

I've been keeping myself busy watching the first season of Scrubs. I'd never seen the show before now since it came out when I was going through the MBA program while working at Tellabs. So for me, it's like a brand new show. I just saw "Garden State" with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman last Fall, so it is good to see him in a different part. Although, he almost seems to have as much angst in this show as he seems to display in Garden State...he just isn't quite as bizarre in the show as he was in the movie.

But the cast of Scrubs really is fantastic. Becky #2 is much better in this part than she was in Roseanne. And the guy who plays Dr. Cox is a headcase. He cracks me up when he slips girls names in his diatribes with J.D. I was trying to remember where I saw the guy who plays the Head Doctor of the hospital. After going to, I saw that he was Mr. Sloan in one of my other favorite shows that only lasted a couple of seasons in the early 90's; that 1940's-era show by the name of "Homefront" about soldiers returning home after WWII. I was always one that liked off-beat shows.

Finished the latest book I was reading called The Stupidest Angel. Rather entertaining. It's a comical Christmas terror story that all works out in the end. Sounds strange and it is, but kind of a fun read.

Other than that, nothing doing here. As long as the rain is falling, the mortars aren't. You know, the insurgents don't like to get their "do's" wet. All this rain makes for a real bad hair day.
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