Friday, February 17, 2006

Big Mac and a Large Cup of Blue Toilet Water…No Ice

17 February 2006

Had a good day off on Wednesday. Did my usual laundry thing. I’m afraid that that will be coming to an end soon…and not because my wash-woman is on strike! They’ve taken away one of the good washers that was working and left the one that has been sitting half-full for two months leaving two functioning washers. Was it stolen or did it break? Who knows? Only one dryer is working now, so the competition is pretty stiff when it comes to doing your own laundry around here now. I fully expect that by the time I get back in mid-March that KBR will be doing my laundry. I don’t really want strangers commenting amongst themselves about my skid-marks – if you know what I mean!

Did some shopping at the Turkish store over by Green Beans and Pizza Hut. The Bazaar has been closed for “security reasons” for about two weeks now, so I have to get my shoppin-on (yes, too much “Scrubs” for me) somehow! Just a few odds and ends, but I really have been eyeing those Mehrschaum pipes. The carving is beautiful and even though I don’t smoke a pipe, they are just too nice. Hey, it’s cheaper than oriental carpets; that was sooo last year’s fixation!

While I was getting coffee tonight, I was sitting outside and got caught up in watching a bunch of the Aussies. JJ is going back to Oz, so his mates along with some of the Americans who “party” with them at the coffee place pretty regularly were giving him a pizza party and a few parting gifts. One of the gifts he received was a cricket bat. So they wanted to break it in for him before he leaves and pulled over a few of the Pakistani’s that work here to go over to the lighted basketball courts with some of the Aussies and they were giving us a display of cricket.

Now I’ve seen it often enough on the television when in the barber shop since all the barbers are Pakistani. I still haven’t quite figured out all the rules, but I do understand that when the ball is pitched, it is supposed to break on the ground and bounce up to be hit by the batter. I have no clue about the number of pitches or the running. Their pitching delivery is pretty unique to the game as well…quite the dramatic approach. Also noted; the bat is swung in an upward motion as opposed to the way a baseball bat is swung or the way you might bat a tennis ball. Naturally, you could always tell when an American was trying their skill at cricket since they can’t swing a cricket bat to save their lives and always miss the ball since it is breaking up from the ground!

On the digestive side of things, I’m finally feeling back to normal. We changed shifts from mids to days about four weeks ago and my body just physically revolted! Sorry to get so personal here, but my normal bodily functions just have not been quite the same since. Probably doesn't help that some stomach bug has been going around too! (Where’s that Milk of Magnesia lady when you need her?) When I look back at it, I’ve been working nights nearly all but about three months of the two years I’ve been here. So I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that my body isn’t taking it too well. But, like everything else, this too shall pass…hopefully, more solidly with time.

Speaking of which, I read a really disgusting article on this morning. ( It is titled, “Girls Science Project May Make You Rethink That Drink Order.” Pretty scary stuff! The general gist of the article is that this seventh-grader in Tampa did a science project of the cleanliness of your ice in your soft drink from those fast food restaurants. Turns out that there were far less bacteria in the toilet water of these restaurants than in the actual ice from the ice machines. Mmmmmm, scoop me up a big old glass of that blue water, will ya? I, for one, can’t wait to get back to “civilization” and fast food!
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