Friday, February 24, 2006

Outbound Again

22 February 2006

Here I sit at the BIAP military terminal consisting of four Quonset huts a covered patio area and a bunch of crushed stone. I’ve sat out here in the worst weather; anything from 120 degree heat to 40 degrees with cold blowing rain. Today is probably one of the nicest days I’ve sat out here.

This is probably one of those vacations that I shouldn’t be taking with the end of contract coming up very soon. Not only do I lose the out-of-country money, but I end up spending a butt-load of money. At the same time, you have to reward yourself sometimes or you don’t see any balance for all the crap you put up with here during the rest of the year.

I’m enroute now to Kuwait. From there I’ll head down to Arifjan. Don’t know yet if I’ll get in contact with Barb an old ITT buddy that I studied ISO 9000 stuff under when I did that boondoggle to Qatar sometime back in 2004 that never panned out. Wasn’t her fault and in fact, she and our country manager have brought up the fact that they’d still like to have me onboard with their QC program, but I can’t afford the cut in pay I’d have to take to take on that job. Besides, without any Green Belt training, it just wouldn’t be justifiable. Gotta think about the future.

While at Arifjan, I will try to contact United/Lufthansa and see if I can move up my ticket to Germany. Usually, flights are very overbooked out of Kuwait, so I’m not expecting it to happen. The worst case scenario is that I sit in Kuwait for a couple of days. Granted, sipping a few brews in Germany while I wait for Phil to arrive is a much more pleasant scenario than sitting in Kuwait, but still…it is away from all the crap of Victory. Maybe this is the time to think about getting my “shoppin-on!”
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