Monday, March 06, 2006

1 Maas, 2 Maas, 3 Maas, Floor

04 March 2006

My friend came down on Friday night as planned. We saved the visit to Hofbrauhaus since he also wanted to go there. The plan was then to go on Saturday over to Dachau and see the concentration camp.

We found a seat right away next to a nice Japanese couple who were there and gone in ten minutes. We got our first beers ordered and a group of local Germans in their early twenties showed up and filled up the open spots at our table. Open seating is very common here in nearly all the local drinking and eating places. The only place that it isn’t normal is at your upscale restaurants and such.

Soon enough our food arrived. Not as good as the Bratwursthartzl, but still alright. You actually go to the Hofbrauhaus for the atmosphere, the people, the orchestra and the beer anyway. Every song you’ve ever heard on a cuckoo clock has been derived from drinking music and you will hear it here if you stay around long enough.

The problem with the beer here is that it is always great and fresh, but has that delayed effect. Keep in mind the that German beer is higher in content and taste than nearly any American beer you have ever drank. German Beer Purity Laws (Established in 1516) ensure that only certain ingredients go into be and nothing more (now you might understand why American beer wasn't for a long time, allowed to be imported into Germany. Too many ingredients and preservatives for them). This gives their beer better flavor but also stronger alcohol content.

Anyway, as your sipping your little bit of German heaven, you think you’re doing great. And THEN…bum, bum, bum…it hits you! Well, I kind of got all caught up in the moment and of course, if one maas (big glass mugs containing one liter) of beer is good, two must be better and three must be really good! Wrong bad news. Well, it bit Phil too, so I wasn’t alone in my misery. The only thing that pisses me off is that Phil wasn’t as bad off as I was today. He got up because this hard mattress is killing his back. I stayed in bed because it was just too hard to stay up too long! No laughing from the peanut gallery.

I called my buddy to tell him that there was no way that I was going to be able to make the trip to Dachau. I really felt like a jerk doing that to him, but there was just no way it was going to happen. He said that it was probably alright since the weather probably wasn’t ideal for going there anyway. It has been snowing all night and day and there has got to be a foot of snow on the ground right now.

So, I’m going to go back to bed and suffer in peace. I have to get the suitcases packed and the gift list all written out so that I know how much we’ve spent and what we have to declare tomorrow when we leave. More later when the head stops throbbing.
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