Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All About Attitude

01 March 2006

Man it’s been cold, cold, cold here today. More snow and the wind just cuts right through ya. We started the day off today with a field trip out to Laim a few stops on the Schnell-bahn (S-bahn, I stand corrected for what S-bahn stood for!) out to the west.

Phil was on a quest to see the new Chryslers that are released here in Germany and not in the States after he saw a 300C Touring Stationwagon on the street of Munich this week. He has a Dodge Magnum wagon, but they are not sold here under that nameplate or model. His Magnum wagon is sold here as the Chrysler 300C and the options are also quite different.

We ended up talking to the salesman for a good hour just learning about what they sell, the huge price differences in Germany versus the U.S. and the options available here versus there. He was saying that actually, the diesel version of this 300C in Germany is much more popular. Most of what they sell are fully optioned 300C’s, but the price is unbelievably high. Phil made sure to get a booklet on it and we got his business card so we can send him info on the Dodge Magnum and its options. Phil made me take all kinds of pictures of this vehicle. This is a great chance for him to see something that interests him too. He has always been a car nut and our visit to Europe expanded his horizons in that direction too.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock since it was just around the corner. We have a favorite waiter there too…the Canadian guy, although that sweet Spanish girl Maria was nice too. At any rate, feeling welcome in a place (even if it is a trendy place a step above Micky D’s) just makes life a bit more comfortable when you want something familiar. We did a bunch of shopping today too. You know, you can’t go on vacation and not pick up stuff for the family.

Speaking of making life easier, we decided to have dinner a bit closer to the hotel too. We went over to the Ayinger Restaurant kiddy-corner from the Hofbrauhaus and next to the Hard Rock. The reviews that I’ve read were good, so that was on my list of places to give a try. The food was great, but the service sucked. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say the service sucked. What I really meant was that the only way the service could have sucked any worse was if this waiter had a twin. Herr Wermers had more attitude than an American "Desert Queen" in Iraq! He swished in and out with his nose in the air, was snippy when he took our order, delivered the food and when he took the check.

I have no qualms about leaving a 15% tip even for marginal service and even here in Germany where the Germans don’t usually even tip, but there is no way that this little butt hole was going to get a red cent out of me for his attitude or service. On my way out, I asked his boss if Wermers had a problem with us. I was calm and relaxed and just thought it better to bring my perceived issue directly to them.

He looked at me puzzled, so I explained that the service provided, our waiter’s lack of concern and lack of warmth seemed to indicate to us that he wasn’t happy to be bothered with our visit to the restaurant. I told him that in the five days we’ve been in Munich, we have never been treated so poorly. Well he calls Wermers over and they both proceed to look at me like I’ve got three heads. At that point, I knew it was an attitude that was promoted at this place of business. Sheesh! If I wanted attitude, I’d of vacationed in New York City!

So please avoid Ayinger (that’s Ayingers Speis & Trank at Am Platzl 1A) and their products unless you like being treated like garbage as their customer. Maybe their attitude is the norm and we just got spoiled with all the other service we’ve had in all the other places in Germany that we’ve eaten, had coffee at, shopped at and stayed at. Based off my other experiences in Germany, I’m pretty sure that these two guys at Ayinger are just jerks. Okay, been there, done that. Let’s move on.

On tap for tomorrow: Bus trip to Neuschwanstein! Whoo-hoo!
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