Monday, March 06, 2006

Bidding Goodbye to Munich

05 March 2006

Good Morning! And yes it is. The air is all fresh and crisp from the constant snow that we’ve had over the past almost three days now. There has to be about two feet of snow out there and my Hofbrauhaus Hangover is gone. It only took about 18 hours of sleep, a lot of water and a very little bit of food, but I’m feeling good today. I'm not exactly ready to paint the town red again, but feeling good.

Got up at 7am today since I didn’t do squat yesterday as far as getting the list done (of all the things and stuff we've bought which required the purchase of an additional suitcase to fit said stuff into) or the packing done. The bad news is that the hotel staff is not being real optimistic about our chances of getting out. They were saying that taxis are pretty hard to come by. They dial the number and no one answers. The best bet might be to take the S-bahn or to flag down a taxi. I don’t really want to take the bahn to the airport with all the stuff we have. Four suitcases and two carry ons are a bit much to be hauling around the streets to the train station and then up the steps to the airport.

I suggested to Phil that we might stay another day, to which he didn’t give an argument, but after checking, it isn’t looking like the weather is going to let up any in the next day or so here in Munich.

It's 11am and we decided to take our chances on getting a taxi and left the hotel by 10am. The flight isn’t till three, but better to be there than miss our flight or worse yet, be late for the flight. On the ride to the airport, the taxi driver was telling us that the S-bahn to the airport was not working this morning! Wouldn’t that have been our luck; to drag all that stuff to the Marienplatz Station and then be stranded!

The city streets were pretty bad, but once we got out to the Autobahn, everything was clear. The Germans don’t like to use salt in the city for environmental reasons. I don’t think that they can say that about their lack of street plowing though. Although they don’t usually get these amounts of snow. You have to be thinking that the ski people in Garmish about one hour south are going to be having a good season this year.

Got to the United/Lufthansa counter, but they don’t start check-in until 12-12:30, so we’re about an hour early. The snow is still falling, but it looks like there has only been a couple of flights cancelled. They are still working on the runways, so I think we’ll be okay.
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