Saturday, March 25, 2006

PA3237U-1ACA You Idiot!

25 March 2006

As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?”

Back three weeks ago, I was sitting in our hotel room in Munich and plugged my Toshiba laptop in to be surprised by sparks and a bit of smoke from my power supply. I carefully turned the cord toward itself and the juice kept flowing to the computer without any further draw on the battery. Suffice to say that a mental note was made that as soon as we got back home to Chicago the following Monday, I’d order me a new power supply to replace this one that was not feeling so well.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon in Chicago and Fed Ex delivers my new power supply. You gotta love the States. Where else can you order it over the web and have it the next day!? On a side note; we do have Fed Ex and DHL right on post at Camp Victory, but it is a bit more expensive and a little longer delivery time. So I pull this new bad boy outta the box and to my disappointment, the wrong connector is on this one. My connector is a funky six-sided thingy (yes, that is a technical term) not a female plug-in whose-a-ma-whatsis (also a technical term).

So I get on the phone to this company that I ordered from (I can’t believe how great it is not to be 9 hours ahead of the rest of world and able to get right on the phone that instant, just like that!) and explain my quandary. The kind man on the other end of the phone discovers that I’ve made an error on my part number ordered and gives me an RMA number to return this one with and kindly orders (and bills me for) the proper one for me for delivery on Friday morning. Very cool…no?

Well, yes and no. Friday A.M. rolls around and the kindly Fed Ex delivery gods deliver my new power supply. I rip open the box like a kid on Christmas morning only to find out that the nice guy that I was speaking to on Thursday morning was smoking his breakfast and sent me another one of the same wrong part. At this point, I’m kinda panic-stricken because my power supply has been getting more squirrely by the minute and I don’t know how much more juice I can squeeze out of it without a complete melt-down.

I end up giving up on this and figure that I’ll just have to do without until I get back to Baghdad and can reorder (from another vendor NOT in California and smoking their breakfast) another P/S for my poor Toshiba. I send the two incorrect P/S’s with Deb back to AZ so she can get another RMA to send them back and hopefully not PO her in the process. Yes, military life really builds your vocabulary of acronyms; ain’t it grande?

I was able to squeeze about four days out of my P/S once back to Iraq, and then with much smoke and sparkage, it died. If KBR actually had batteries in my smoke detector, it probably would have sounded. Thank goodness it didn’t take the trailer with it! So, RIP to my old PA3237U-1ACA. Meanwhile, back on the web, I scouted me out another supplier who sells “rebuilts” and ordered me one of them buggers at less than half the price of the brand new ones that I’d ordered, been charged for but not yet been reimbursed for from the breakfast-smokin-California-power-supply dealer.

Less than 9 days later, I’m the proud owner of a brand new used and rebuilt PA3237U-1ACA. I’m so happy, I could wet my pants. You don’t know how much you depend on your ‘puter here till you don’t have it. Although, I did start reading books again while my computer was down. I bought “Marley and Me” when I was home so I read that. A great read especially if you’ve ever suspected that you ended up with the dog or cat that had no brain! And now I’ve started “Eragon” which was given to me as a Christmas gift. I’ve got to order the second book in the series now that I’m hooked.

To celebrate my new juice supply, I watched the movie Rent. I must say that I was very overwhelmed and touched. I was reading NY Times reviews of the Broadway version and they are kind of mixed. After thinking about it for awhile, I am thinking that many of those who are so critical probably are missing many of the key points and issues presented in this movie/play due to lack of understanding of the terms and the timeframe this play was drafted.

At the time, AZT was about the only known medication available that was proven to have any impact on pre-AIDS HIV symptoms and the diseases ravages on the body as it became full-blown AIDS. People were still dropping like flies and in 1989 the general public was still very uneducated about the disease.

Moving ahead to current treatment regiments, one of the messages in the movie has actually become a reality. “To people living with…not dying from disease.” People are able to live with this disease and live healthy, quality lives; being able to give back to society. People today that maintain their drug regiments aren’t dying from AIDS so much as they are from later stage illnesses of HIV much later in life, like liver failure, pneumonia, heart problems and such.

The three different love stories told in this movie are very touching and the story of the group of friends is also very moving, not to mention that the music is phenomenal. One of the other complaints of the stage version on the NYT page is that the orchestra was drowning out the singers. So maybe the stage version needs some reworking. I think that I’d still like to see it on the stage.

As a side note, Idina Menzel who also starred in the original Broadway production of Wicked is fantastic as Maureen. You can’t believe the voice on her. Also, after her run on Broadway in Rent, she ended up falling in love with and marrying one of her costars Taye Diggs (Benny). Idina’s duet (Take Me or Leave Me) with Traci Thoms is worth the price of the DVD. It’s my second favorite track with only La Vie Boheme being my pick as the best track.

Well, time for bed after I read a bit more of Eragon. Nighty-night.
Just stopping by. Was looking into getting outta here and down on the ice come next Aug/Oct--'Bill' on iceboard, mentioned you that you'd been down there and were now out here also.
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