Thursday, April 13, 2006

Make Dave Cave

12 April 2006

The last week has passed too quickly to even catch in a blog. We had a visit from Five Rivers, the new sub of ITT for my work area. They came out to introduce themselves to us and to also work on persuading those of us who have chosen to part ways with our soon-to-be-former-employer ITT. Some of us are taking positions with other companies (although I can’t officially say that the one manager making a statement a couple of months ago to people that “If any of you are ready to submit resignations, I’m accepting resignations today,” had anything to do with any of our people jumping ship…although, the sensitivity of our management teams tend (too often) to run parallel with those sentiments!) Others of us are about ready to return home and be done with Iraq…at least until we start seeing it on the TV screens everyday at home.

As I said in my last, Allen has arrived and started to settle back in. He and Roland have taken it upon themselves to instigate a “Make Dave Cave” movement. It’s all in fun, actually. I had initially signed on to stay for another six months, but after a week of mulling it over (and a week of bad sleep because if it) I decided that it is in my best interest to go home. So they are trying to make me cave and sign on to stay again…but really stay this time. Yes, I’ll miss people here, our customer (the U.S. Army) and I’ll miss my job to some extent, but I’m not seeing this leading me in any better direction career-wise at this point. Plus, the job market back home is considerably better-appearing than when I left home back in 2004. How long can I tempt fate and keep hoping that the job market will hold up as it looks now?

The weather has been getting toasty again. I’m sure that we have hit about 95 or so a couple of times this week. But, as you might have guessed; as soon as I’d put the boots under the bed, it would rain cats and dogs again. We’ve had two good rains in the past couple of weeks which is kind of strange for this late in the season. I don’t remember it being this wet this late in Spring. The last two years have been dry by the end of March…but then last year we had Venice in Baghdad going on too. I’m so sick of mud I could vomit! Mud isn’t bad when it’s confined to the garden, but when you’re bathing in it most of your ¾ of mile walk to work and back, it gets old real fast.

We've also had a few incoming mortars nearby, but nothing that would raise your attention any more than a crack of thunder.

Now I want to give a very special thanks to those people at Amazon. I received probably my last order to this APO from Amazon. Got the second book of Christopher Paolini’s trilogy-in-the-making called Eldest which follows the first one, Eragon. So I haven’t lost too much time between books. Received another book I’m planning on giving to one of our LT’s who thinks on the same wavelength as me (no gasping please, it isn’t *that* scary!) It is called Moving Mountains by now-retired General Wm Pagonis who is currently working for Discover Card in Hoffman Estates. He was in charge of logistics during the first Gulf War and tells his story not only of his logistical nightmare, but how he changed logistics for the Army to make getting stuff to where it was needed, more efficiently. I wanted to present the LT with a copy for my going-away since I think he’d find it interesting. The best book in your personal library is the one that you just gave away or is constantly loaned out.

Spent today finishing the inventory of my second trunk I’m going to send home. Mostly filled with stuff that I don’t need anymore and a bunch of gifts for people back home. Got all the customs forms all filled out and went through the drawers once more for the loose things that can go. Now I just have to find someone to take me up to the post office. Since our truck was shot up sometime back our replacement truck was “reallocated” to another supervisor as punishment. So now we have to beg for a truck if one is even available to do the simplest of things. Most of the time the idiots in building 98 give us a bunch of crap and tell us there isn’t a truck available to use. Every other section has vehicles, but ours have all been taken from us and “reallocated” over the last year. Isn’t that just such a politically correct term? And now that we’re technically not ITT anymore and Five Rivers (more like Five Sewer Outfalls), if we weren’t treated as the buck-toothed-red-headed-step-children before, we certainly are now.
I guess I'll miss reading your blog when you go back home.Like you, my husband spent time over there for 18 months too.He just came back last December.Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us.Stay safe.
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