Monday, May 01, 2006

Send A Brick

01 May 2006

Now I'm not one that's normally an activist, but I'm really somewhat disturbed at this whole protest going on back home by immigrants to convince us that they should be given citizenship or else they'll not work here only. What???!!! That's like the kids telling the parents they won't do chores for one day if they don't get more chocolate covered sugar-bombs (sorry, I'm a big Calvin and Hobbes nut).

Maybe they've forgotten that 1) many of those "not working" today are here illegally, 2) they are not voting members of our society, 3) those that are illegal came into the country without documentation and fan the flames of the whole stolen identity issue when they require false documentation to obtain jobs...illegally, 4) these illegals end up indirectly being on drag on our social services such as schools, hospitals, social programs paid for generously by the legal, law-abiding citizens( you know, those born here and naturalized) of this country.

If you want to be here, do it through the legal process. All they have done now is to force a line to be drawn in the sand. Now "we the people" are going to be required to respond. I personally never minded living among a very mixed neighborhood of legals and illegals in Aurora, Illinois (City of Lights and of (schwing!!) Wayne's World!) The city has a certain mix and flare that I never had the opportunity to experience in my "white bread" upbringing. Aurora was a great place to live for the eight years I lived there. And actually, I have always felt that everyone should speak at least one other language other than their native tongue.

I'm not opposed to immigration or our blended culture. We are or all were immigrants to this country at some point in time. But you're not going to convince me you need to be here by theatening me and telling me "do it...or else!" What I am opposed to is this issue being forced onto us as a "do it...or else" issue. We owe you what???? for what???? Oh, that's right. We owe you citzenship for sneeking into our country illegally, illegally taking jobs, not paying into the system or paying into the system on a stolen Social Security number or you won't work for a day to show me how much I need you. All you've done is show us why we require more border patrol and more police officers to round you up at your rally today.

You want to be a citizen? Join our military and come to sunny Iraq. I served my country proudly, you can too. If you want to come here, JFK said it right when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

I heard about this site at The object is to send a message to your congresspeople and such in the form of a brick to start "the wall". Probably will damned near need a wall the size of the Great Wall of China to make any dent in stemming the flow, but how else do you send a message that can be heard. And sending flowers to Springfield isn't exactly going to get any message across, is it now? Do I feel that this is a realistic solution? No, but obviously this issue is a much hotter issue than has been previously been addressed.

The most difficult part was finding my state reps which were found (where else, but) at
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