Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still Bored in Kuwait

26 May 2006

As expected, ITT Mental Midgets changed the meeting time on Friday morning to 0830 instead of 0900 as it had been posted and emailed everywhere. I guess they needed more time to convince us that they really aren’t the elephant man. The meeting was as anticlimactical as expected. Lots of words, distribution of our itineraries and if you wanted to, you could provide name, address, email and phone if you want to contacted in the near future about ITT opportunities. Bada-bing, bada-boom, meet at the big-top-tent at 2330 tomorrow (Saturday) night and we’ll be checking in for the Freedom Flight. Thirty-six hours to occupy my time with…what shall I do?

Existing here at Ali Al Salem is a lot like a baby’s life; eat, sleep, poop. Only difference is we can shop, drink Green Beans coffee, use the internet café and use the phone. But everything costs money. You end up bored with everything you start. You don’t really have a permanent location to call yours except a tent with 10 bunk beds. You always have that worry lurking in the back of your mind that your stuff might get ripped off. It just isn’t a comfortable existence when you’re at the LSA.

But, I got through the day. I ended up buying season one of Tour of Duty. That kept me out of trouble for the afternoon. Took care of some email stuff at the internet café at $5 per hour and bought a few odds and ends at the PX.

We meet tonight at the big-top-tent for our departure briefing, customs searches and then board busses to go 1.5 hours over to the military side of KWI to board the chartered military plane. The first Freedom Flight I came over here on in Feb of 2004 was a Continental 777. We were packed to the gills. Don’t know how full this flight will be yet.
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