Thursday, May 18, 2006

Where Are My Nutter Butters?

16 May 2006

Well, the time has come to say goodbye to more friends here. Three of my coworkers left today. Two are leaving for good for the States and one is leaving to come back with a new job and a new employer. But I promised myself that I wouldn’t bad-mouth management for any of their transgressions which have directly or indirectly led to this soon-to-be mass exodus.

If you remember my mentioning it, Raymond and I both lost our roommates here in beautiful Dodge North (Mortar Alley) when the group they worked with pulled back to Kuwait. We both only had 100 or so days and so I suggested that we room together since it’s always better to room with someone you know than take the luck of the draw and end up with someone who is a bona fide butt hole…even if it IS only for 90 days. Something along the lines of, “better the butt hole you know than the butt hole you don’t know.”

Not that I’m suggesting that Raymond is or ever was a butt hole! He may be guilty of not being quite the housekeeper that I am, but he has always been very friendly and a genuinely nice guy and great roomy. Hmmmm. maybe that makes me the butt hole in this picture! So I moved in with him (staying in K-row, one up and one over) right before I headed off for vacation. And I must say that (at least for me and hopefully for him) it was great to room with him. You’d think that it would be difficult to room and work with a person, but we got along great on and off shift.

It’s kind of sad to see him go. Eve took them all to the airport and there was Raymond in the back seat with the window of the truck down, a big old crap-eatin grin and him with his head out the window and tongue hanging out as if he were a dog not knowing that he is really going to the vet but loves the ride in the car anyway…(I’m sure that if he had a tail that it would have been wagging wildly)…oblivious to the nightmare we all ultimately face at the airport. Baghdad to Ali Al Salem over to KWI and then to good old Fort Bliss. In this case, I'll have to disagree with that saying about how it's all about the journey and not the arrival at the location.

Besides, soon I too, will be that dog in the back seat enroute to the airport. I still have things to finish up before I leave. But tonight I'm getting used to no roomy, an empty bed and an empty room. It was really strange getting back from work tonight and not seeing Raymond crashed out in his bed. Tuesday’s were his day off and he’s been on a Star Trek kick the past few weeks. I decided to give his side a sweeping. Let me tell you, those weren’t Tribbles left under the bed and I'm not even going to acknowledge the black mold crawling up the wall! It's not growling at me yet and I'm not homesteading, so it ain't my problem.

After I showered I decided to listen to a bit of music to relax. I opened the fridge to get something to drink and pull out the last of my Nutter Butters from yesterday…But they were gone! See Raymond…I do miss you. Who is going to eat my Nutter Butters now that you’re gone, you dog!
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