Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back At Victory

11 October 2006

We arrived tonight at around 7 pm on a C130 from Kuwait to Camp Victory. It was very routine and all too familiar to me. For two of my coworkers that are just starting, everything is new and interesting. Unfortunately Starmarie had the experience of losing one of her bags enroute. The military group we traveled with had probably just grabbed it since our bags now needed to conform to military specs and all of our suitcases had to be ditched in Fort Bliss for the issued duffels. We were picked up by the assistant site supervisor, so we followed the military group over to Camp Liberty where they would see if her duffel bag was on that truck. Camp Liberty was on the way back anyway, so it was worth the shot. No luck, but the Sergeant let us know that they had another truck and he would call once they had a chance to check if it got put on that truck. See, even the military has baggage issues.

Dan stopped at the PX for us since we would need to pick up a few odds and ends that aren’t provided once we get to our assigned tents, like linens, pillows, hangers and that type of stuff. What we couldn’t find at the Liberty PX, we made one more attempt to see if it might be available at the little Victory PX. Grabbed a quick bite at Subway and then checked into our trailers.

Although I was tired from all the running around and the funky sleep schedule/jet lag, I had to try to pay a visit to at least one friend that I knew was still here and used to be just around the corner from me when I lived in Dodge North. It was already 10:30, but I had a feeling that Jocelyn was awake. It was really good to see her again and I think I needed a hug and she was just the person to provide that.

She and I talked for about 20 minutes catching up on who was still here and who had left. By that point, we were both ready to call it a night. Although I’m off tomorrow, I’ll stop by the shop and get reacquainted with the area, the people and everything. I can’t really say at this point that I’m “glad” to be back, but running into old friends and coworkers sure does make it feel like home again. Hope I still feel that way in a few months!
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