Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day of Reckoning

04 Oct 2006

Got to sleep in today, but had to find breakfast on our own. Medical make-up is today for all of us that had to have our physicals. Yes, I’m still worried. Also receiving our Common Access Cards (CAC). If it is anything like it was before, this should be an all day thing. Last time they had two people processing about 150 and the system was painfully slow.

I got my blood work back, but won’t know till I get to station 7 whether or not I’m physically qualified. Headed over to the medical building and spoke with the PA. She said that my numbers were up, but because I am already on meds and seeing the doc today for stronger meds, I was alright. I’m on my way later today to get the necessary supply for the stay overseas. So that definitely set my mind at ease. Okay, I’m nearly good as gone.

Headed over to bldg 500 to stand in line for a CAC. The process is completely different now. They must have had 8 people processing and it only took about 2 hours to get it done this time.

Headed over to the doc today to get my meds. She increased my dosage and has put me on cholesterol meds as a preventative because of family history. Nothing I wasn’t expecting. I was in range, but I had already discussed with my doc at home about going on cholesterol meds to start bringing things down before it got bad.
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