Thursday, October 12, 2006

Death By Powerpoint!

05 Oct 2006

Today is known affectionately as “Death by Powerpoint.” Lots of required briefings all presented in convenient little power point presentations.

The JAG lawyer that presented this time was great. Very knowledgeable, very professional and very polished. In my years as a student, I’ve sat through a bunch of different speakers over the years. He was a great speaker and kept the audience involved. The last one in 2004 was so painful that, given the choice, you would have rather had your fingernails removed than listen to him.

These presentations today were the last ones prior to deployment. Today if you have everything together, you are considered qualified and can drink…responsibly…if you want. We were released around noon.

That said, a couple of us wanted to find a laundrymat. Didn’t want to drag dirty clothes with us to Kuwait. We got directions to a laundry nearby only to find it closed when we got there. Drove further up the street and stopped at a dry cleaners to see if another was nearby. We were in luck and it was only a few blocks up and over.

Now you know where there is a laundrymat, there is always a liquor store or a dive bar. Sure enough, as soon as we got the clothes in the washer, we set out to have our first celebratory beverage.

So we’re walking up to this bar in an ancient strip of stores. We walked round the Harley in front of the tattoo shop and up to the steel door. The door has no window and has graffiti that has been partially wiped off, but not completely removed. I’m thinking, what the heck kind of place are we going into? We walk into the door and the place is completely dark. Yep, it’s a dive bar. Couldn’t think of a more appropriate place to celebrate our week of and completion of CRC!

The bartender was a stick of a woman about my age with a friendly Texas drawl. We ordered our drinks and decided to go out to the “Beer Garden” as the sign pointed to the back. We got out there and it was no more a beer garden than the man in the moon. The back yard of our dive bar had a big improvised picnic table was in the center with a trailer in the back, overgrown lawn on the sides and horseshoe stakes off to the side. Small, but a nice yard to enjoy the outside while drinking. Acceptable for what we wanted and the perfect way to spend the wash and spin cycle.

Eric and I ran over to throw our stuff into the dryer and got back to the bar in time for the third round. What a great way to relax and spend the time while the laundry was tumble drying. Tomorrow we have formation in the afternoon. We’ll check out of the hotel and get ready to leave either tomorrow night or Saturday morning sometime.
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