Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dental and IED Training

03 Oct 2006

Another early day…but we got to sleep in till 0430 with a roll call at 0530. Much of the process has certainly been streamlined since I came through here in 2004. Admittedly, it wasn’t the medical portion, but nearly everything else has been improved. Today was dental screening, but nearly all of us were in order on our dental stuff. So today’s primary concerns were the IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) Training and First Aid testing after the training yesterday.

I have to say that the IED class was much improved and very interesting. Of course, they’ve had time to learn and collect info about how many different IED’s over the past few years, so all the info was very current and very captivating. With so many people having been maimed and killed due to IED’s much emphasis has been placed on training everyone. If you didn’t drop it…don’t pick it up!!!! How many $100 bills or bling-bling do you see laid out in the street? That souvenir you thought might look good on the shelf at home may cost you your arm or your life.

First aid testing was held today. No sweat. We got a lot of good training yesterday along with instruction on things like that Israeli stretchy bandage with the plastic holders and the new tourniquets with the Velcro straps and fixed plastic turning pieces for tightening without risking slippage of the stick used to set the tourniquet. As much as you wouldn’t like to admit it, war does bring many innovations to other fields other than weaponry and tactics.
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