Thursday, October 12, 2006

Medical Screening

02 Oct 2006

Early, early day today. Up at 0330 so that we can make the 0445 muster. You can not be late to these things or you will be pushed back to the next week. There is not time or patience for the Primadonna here.

Started off with roll call and then load the buses for breakfast. Keep in mind that since a group of us still haven’t had our blood work, after breakfast, we can have no more food until after the physical. From there First Aid training and then the forever-long lines at medical screening. To make matters worse, most of us from ITT were told that our physicals would be taken care of once we got to El Paso. Before, they sent me the paperwork and I was able to go to my own doctor. The military was less-than pleased with ITT at this time. Ever feel like you were born into the wrong family? That was how we were feeling about at this point.

So we were instructed to go through as many of the medical stations as we could and we would have to return on Wednesday to requalify at the medical station once we had our blood work and physicals. That also meant tonight that after we got done, Don or Larry would be taking us to the Clinic to accomplish this.

Personally, I’m worried. I know that my blood pressure is still higher than I or my doc likes it and with CRC becoming so tough on standards, this could be a show-stopper for me.

After being pushed back in line by about 100 soldiers who were given priority over us civilians and about a 3.5 hour wait in medical, I finally got through the initial medical process at 1800. So much for fast, efficient and the supposed-priority we were to be given that day at the medical screening. I was already crabby since I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast at 0530 and it’s now six in the evening.

We got over to the clinic at about 1900 and I got to see a PA at about 2030. Yes, my bp was high and higher than they or I wanted it, but I’d have to wait till Wednesday to know whether it was still in the acceptable range. Doesn’t help that I have terrible white-coat syndrome and it’s a strange doc poking around. Add to that the stressful environment and knowing that if I don’t pass, I’d have to go home and wait till the bp was brought within range before I could return. No pressure, though.

We got out of the clinic at about 2115 (9:15) and headed over to the small taco place nearby for a very nice home-made type authentic Mexican dinner. Come to find out, I’m not the only one with bp issues and one guy that was getting a prostate exam had an accidental release of biowaste that the doc and nurses aren’t soon to forget! Doh! Who said medical exams can’t be fun! You just don’t want to be too relaxed during them.
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