Thursday, October 12, 2006

Off To Kuwait

08 Oct 2006

All I had to accomplish today was getting my meds squared away on Friday. The military requires 180 day supply prior to departure. I had already been at Walgreen’s last night and they were unable to come up with the 180 day supply even after contacting four other Walgreen’s in El Paso. They could order it, but with the short lead time required there was no way it would arrive before my departure. But it was Don to the rescue on that front. Good thing he has such good connections here.

Checked out of the hotel and returned the car around 2pm and our formation was at 1430. The week had really gone by fast. Our planned departure wasn’t until like 2am on Sat morning, but things got moved up and we actually departed early Friday evening. Before you know it we were on our way to Kuwait via Bangor, Maine and Germany.

It’s now Sunday morning and we’ve lost a day in transit. Touched down in Kuwait at 0400, but it’s not over yet. They still have a couple of formations to put us through and forms to fill out before we were released to our company reps. I’m exhausted and will write more later.
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