Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pablo's Jinx

13 October 2006

Yesterday started off pretty good. Ran into boatloads of people I knew which upon seeing me could only smile and shake their heads. Never say never.

By the end of the day, I had already hit all my old haunts here and had plenty of coffee along with a half-dozen trips to the PX to see if they’d gotten anything new in. My first roomy Scott and I used to joke that you’d have to make at least one trip to the PX each day to see what new item they’d gotten in. No requirements to buy anything, but you certainly had to look around to see if they acquired anything new.

Around 8pm, the wind started to kick up and we had a small dust storm along with some drops. Nothing too terrible, but I’m most certainly going to have to consider emailing my sister to send my knee-high rubber boots sooner than I expected. You know my affection for the mud here!

This morning brought my first day back to the working world since I left in May. I should be excited, but I’m pretty sedate. Maybe it’s the new blood pressure meds kicking in. The job has morphed and changed some…pretty much for the better too. So now I’ve got a bit of new learning to do. The learning curve shouldn’t be too bad though, more of mental adjustment than anything else. Very doable.

A very smooth first day I might add, until Pablo had to utter the words dreaded by all whether superstitious or not on a Friday the 13th: “Wow, this has really been a quite day, hasn’t it?”

Within a half hour of his words we had descend upon us a huge wind and dust storm with rain! The wind was so strong that it tipped over like bowling pins all but one of the six porta potties in our area. Eve would be happy to know that her fave porta pottie (old blue) was like that pesky old ten pin that remained standing after the big blow went through. Now you know to question our sanity when you start to develop pet names for that “special” porta, right? (although, old blue supposedly has a comfy seat that doesn’t pinch…course, that’s only a personally unconfirmed rumor) As if that isn’t bad enough, the sat comm guys were allegedly chasing around one of their dishes that got loose on the roof in the wind. All this and we lost electric.

See what you caused Pablo? I suppose the only way it could have been worse is if a herd of black cats had been released in front of us while walking home tonight. My sinuses have been giving me hell with all this fine dust. With the walls of the tents not all tied down, the air flows very freely through our tent. So as you can guess, with all the wind and dust in the air, I came home to an inch of dust on my trunk, my wall locker and my pillow! Gotta love the desert and army tents. I’m about ready to crawl under the sheets tonight and just relax…dusty pillow, bedding and all.
Pablo's jinx......great name for a band!
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