Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pay Up or Shut Up

28 October 2006

Haven’t really had much to write about lately. We are starting into rainy season so sometimes it’s muddy and sometimes it isn’t till it rains again. Remind me not to book my next trip to Iraq during the wet season!

Now that I’ve been here a bit over three weeks, you’d imagine as I did that I should be maybe a third of the way down the list for a trailer at the KBR housing office. So I stopped in today to find out that I’m still at 140. Which means that 1) KBR isn’t doing room audits to see who have left, 2) Those leaving are passing keys to their replacements so that they don’t have to go through the list and stay in the tents, and 3) Unless you’re flashing a few Benji Franklins, you aren’t going to move up the list very fast!

Yes, I’m shocked too…not! Well, what the heck do you expect from a company that was run by Cheney? Graft permeates everything in this environment. I’m sure if they could find a way, they’d sell condo lots in the Gardens of Babylon, Ur and more Biblical historical sites than you can shake a stick at. KBR must have found Saddam’s Guide to Raping a Country in 10 Easy Steps upon their arrival. Well someone has to do it, don’t they? While the locals are busy killing each other for control, KBR could just palatize everything of worth and send it off under the excuse of preserving it from the inevitable civil war.
Well isn't that rude!!!
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