Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Riding Sgt B's...um, you figure it out!

31 October 2006

Warning...don't read any further if you're easily offended! Now you can't say that I didn't warn you.

Sgt B was today extolling upon us the virtues of keeping a clean ass. He actually bragged about how clean he keeps his ass. He said that he is sure he has the cleanest ass in the whole unit! He says that he doesn’t want to be embarrassed if he should offer someone a ride in his ass and it was all filthy! Of course, per Army regulations, he insists that you wear a helmet if you’re going to ride his ass…you never know when he might get a wild hair and back up into a tree while you are riding his ass. His ass was inventoried today and he was saying that the Lt had to crawl way up inside it to see the identification tag for accountability. Since his unit is leaving soon, they are about ready to hand his ass off to the new incoming unit.

You can clean up your dirty thoughts now…we were talking about his Mule. It’s a vehicle a little bigger than a golf cart that carries two people with a high flat bed in back. The Army guys affectionately call them their “asses” instead of the brand name of Mule!
You are a hoot I tell ya!! Keep up the posting sweety!!!
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