Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A River Runs Through It

25 October 2006

Whooo-hooo! Finally a day off. We’ve been tasked to work six day weeks (forced overtime at base rate since mortars don’t kill people when they’re working overtime, thus danger pay shouldn’t be allowed for forced overtime) due to boneheaded management decisions to send people off for training…instead of taking mission considerations first.

Well, that certainly was a run-on sentence, but I’m thinking that it got my point across. Still, it is nice to be allowed to take a day off...compliments of his Lordship. I slept in a couple of hours till my back screamed for relief from this bent-framed bed with springs popping out of the mattress. Wouldn’t you know it that as soon as I get showered and dressed, the thunderstorm started. Why bother getting showered when you’re just going to get covered head to toe in mud?

I just pulled out the computer and decided to hide from the rain and mud for awhile and check email, read some blogs and see what’s in the news. For a good hour, the rain was coming down till next thing I notice that the floor around my bed is a river. How come everyone else knows you’re living on a flood plain except you during the thunderstorm? Well, I picked up my throw rug and hung it on the wall locker to dry out and picked up the power supply off the floor. Nothing else that I have is on the floor where the water is and things should dry out quickly. Ahhh, the joys of tent life!

Once the rain stopped, I walked down to the coffee shop for some caffeine to get me going. Went to the chow hall and ran into a couple of friends who gave me a lift to the Big PX on Liberty (formerly North Victory). Don’t get too alarmed, I didn’t shop till I dropped. We’re too early in the game to be doing any power-shopping yet! Give me a few months to build up my boredom for that.

The day has been overcast and not too much else is going on around here. The past few nights we have heard some occasional mortars, but nothing near. Ramadan should be over soon and hopefully with it some of the violence going on out there. Time will tell.
I was just wondering...what made you decide to go back there?
Hey Monette,
Boredom and money! Didn't find any jobs back home that were willing to pay. It's not bad being back though. I missed my friends too. Don't make me get all sappy now!
Come on missed living in a tent....tell the truth sweety!!
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