Thursday, October 12, 2006

A State of Bliss?

30 Sep 2006

You would think that it gets easier to leave after having done it so many times, but that’s not the case. I’ve had four months to get used to life at home. If anything, it makes me question what little sanity I thought I had left.

The usual airport thing. Nearly missed the connection though Dallas, but thanks to the new rail system at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, it all came together well. They’ve really changed that airport for the better making O’Hare look like my first impressions of Newark back in 1988! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Newark was an armpit back then…vintage 1940, looking and feeling every last year of it too. O'Hare is tired and needs a little modernizing.

Five of us met the ITT rep at the El Paso airport. He took us to Fort Bliss and got us checked into the CRC building. Civilians now are in 504 which I was hoping was in better shape than 503 2.5 years ago when I went through this process for the first time.

Why I expected things to change is beyond me. Building 504 was every bit as much of a toilet as 503 was back in January of 2004. Same barracks atmosphere, but now I was going through the process in the Fall and it is still hot here. No A/C meant that the windows are all open with a few heavy duty fans blowing around the stagnant 95 degree air like a convection oven circulates air to more evenly distribute the heat in the oven.

We got our linen issue. Good thing I brought my own pillow with, the one issued smelled like someone puked in it even after it was washed! Before going to the PX for locks for the lockers, I needed to make the dreaded bathroom break. Nothing again changed there. One urnal kept flushing on its own out of three stalls, one had no water, one was filled to the brim and out of order and the last had no toilet paper! The wiser decision was to wait to take care of business until a cleaner venue was found.

But I had decided I would really give it a chance before making the decision to move to a hotel. Back in Jan of 2004, four of us only needed to take one look at the barracks to decide to move to the Bliss Inn.

Night came and most of us settled in, but the stifling heat and no A/C or airflow made it difficult to sleep. Not to mention that just as I’d drop off to sleep, someone would slam a locker or switch on a light. I think the decision was nearly made that tomorrow would find me in a hotel.
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