Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Ever Happened to So-and-so?

14 October 2006

My return has certainly elicited more craned necks and raised eyebrows than I anticipated. I must have really left with a bang if noone expected to see me here again…or at least so soon after leaving.

The nice thing has been seeing so many familiar faces again. Sad thing has been seeing that so many of people I knew over my last contracts here, have actually left…either for home or for greener pastures here in Iraq. I had asked yesterday specifically about an old friend, So-and-so. Allen gave me an abbreviated answer that I thought may have been embellished for shock value and left it at that.

Tonight, Stevie stopped over to see if the rumors were true that I’d returned. We got to talking and I had to confirm if what Allen had told me about So-and-so were true. Steve was closer to So-and-so than I was, and as it turned out, they have continued to keep in close contact. Unfortunately, the bad news I’d heard was true. When So-and-so got home to Florida at the end of May, he wasn’t met by the loving wife and anxious kids with open arms, but by a cold smiling, no-necked, shark-toothed lawyer bearing divorce paperwork.

Thanks to a full power of attorney, between the time of his happy visit home for the Christmas holiday and May, the old bee-otch sold the house, cleaned out the bank account from the last 18 months in Iraq and left So-and-so up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Honestly, it kind of gets my undies in a bundle because So-and-so is genuinely a nice person. You can’t spend this much time with a person under the pressures of work and war and not get a good feel for someone. And the clincher is to have seen how happy he was when he came back from the holidays and how good he always spoke of his wife during all the time he has been here. It just isn’t right that this should have happened that way and to him. Although we hear these stories from the military guys all the time; you never expect it to happen within your ranks.
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