Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Mating Habits of Zebras in Tanzania

10 November 2006

Job’s going well. Working some overtime too and the weather has been so-so. Some rain falls into our lives every so often, but now it’s just getting cooler out. We had to have KBR come over and switch on the heat. I was so cold the one night that I finally broke down and bought a mink blanket to go over the thin blanket and sheet that I have on the bed now.

I’ve about finished my Christmas shopping too. I’ve done some shopping here at the PX and Bazarre, but all the nephews and nieces probably have one of everything from there already! Nothing is original anymore for them. I’ve also done a bunch of shopping on Amazon. What Christmas is complete without a few new books? Deb and I insist on buying books for the kids. I think it comes from having parents that never believed in having any kids books around the house. They both read books, but we never had any books appropriate for our interests, age, etc.

One of my favorite books I bought for my niece last year was “A Thousand Places to See Before You Die.” In it, I collected a bunch of old post cards and pictures I have received back that I had sent to my Grandmothers and Mom when I was in the Air Force or just traveling around the country. Mom always loved seeing post cards from whatever city or country I was in. So I collected those old cards and filed them in the appropriate chapter for that city and country. Then I got post cards and pictures from my sister Deb and brother-in-law Mark’s travels and placed those in the appropriate country and city pages. The book about doubled in size, but I felt that this kind of allowed our niece a taste of our travels around the world in a unique way.

Growing up, my older sister (two years younger than me, but older than my younger sister) and I used to constantly look through a shoebox full of old 1940’s postcard that our Great Grandparents had in the basement. Really cool post cards from Naples, FL and South Florida, Wyoming and all over Colorado just to name a few of the places. Maybe Mom’s and my love of postcards originates from those old post cards…which I still have tucked away in a shoebox in the closet at home.

Not to change the subject, but we had the work meeting from hell tonight. Now I’m not saying that group meetings aren’t or can’t be constructive, but when they get hijacked and so far off track, it accomplishes nothing. One moment our lead is discussing establishing pst files on the server for us to dump our work files and info into and the next thing you know is that we took that wrong turn at Albuquerque like Bugs Bunny and we might as well be talking about the mating habit of zebras in Tanzania.

It just made me appreciate my MBA days all that much more. Our MBA group (aka TMC squared aka Tuesday Night Martini Club squared…because you never have only one martini!) had a designated moderator. Every Tuesday night a different team member was chosen to send out the itinerary for our meeting and was responsible for keeping the extraneous conversation to a minimum thus keeping us on track so that we could finish our homework, test preparation and projects sooner…thus getting us to Rock Bottom sooner to wash away our misery with the refreshment of choice as full time workers and part time students in the EMBA program.

My point being that next time, Robby will need someone to moderate and keep things on track. I nearly fell asleep on my feet with some of the tangents the conversation took. Nice suggestions and points, but it really could be accomplished in a more concise fashion. Speaking of which, seeing the zebras in Tanzania IS on the list of places to go and things to see!
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