Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Friday

24 November 2006

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. The chow halls here did a great lunch for the holiday. Don’t know if you saw it, but Fox News was broadcasting from one chow hall here on Victory.

I went down to catch the turkey dinner only to find the line to get in wrapped around the parking lot all the way to the gym. At that point, I realized what hype this all really is. I’m not standing in line for 30 minutes to not find a place to sit down and be elbow to elbow with everyone else. It’s different if you’re elbow to elbow with your family around the big table at home, but I’m not up for being elbow to elbow with 500 strangers in the chow hall.

Having been through this before, I figured that they will have all the leftovers at dinner tonight and I could skip the lines now in favor of a more comfortable meal at 1730 when all the people who stuffed themselves earlier wouldn’t want to eat till 2000 or so.

So I took myself over to the Pizza Hut trailer and got me a smoked turkey sandwich. They have sandwiches at our Pizza Huts here that are great. It is a 12 inch skinny italian type roll that is baked just to make it crispy and they melt the cheese and warm the meat right into it when it runs through the oven. Top that with some mayo, lettuce tomato and sliced black olives and it’s a sandwich. It filled the void, I enjoyed it and I didn’t even have to wait in line for 30 minutes or look for an open seat in the middle of 500 strangers.

That evening, as predicted, they did still have the leftover cold shrimp with cocktail sauce, turkey roll, stuffing, and all the rest of the good stuff. And yep, even got some pumpkin pie with the whipped cream.

After Dad moved to AZ, the three of us kids and Mom used to get together for Thanksgiving, but never on Thursday. With me working in telecom, I usually had to work on Thursday. Mom worked at the nursing home, so she usually worked on the holiday too. So for us, Thanksgiving was usually on the Friday or Saturday…whenever we could schedule it. Didn’t make us any less thankful for what we had. Maybe more thankful that we could all still be together and have one another’s company.

Now with Mom and Dad both passed on, Mark and me out of country, we don’t often have too many chances to get the all of us together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think now that our Thanksgiving celebrations are recognized whenever we can get the group of us together in one place anymore. Thanksgiving Day has become more a place marker for the start of the Christmas shopping season…the unofficial starting line for the bigger snowfalls in Chicago. I must be getting old. I’m more reminiscent now and kind of pining for the simpler and more traditional times.
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