Sunday, December 24, 2006

Catching Up

15 December 2006

Been just plain lazy lately and haven’t been keeping up on my blog. Actually, I threw my back out and haven’t been in much of a mood to write or anything for that matter. That combined with working 84 hour (7 X 12 hour) weeks kind of zaps any inspiration out of me for writing. Welcome to indentured servitude! The problem is if you don’t work the O/T, then you aren’t a “Team Player.” And we all know when we get to the Pearly Gates that we will be judged on how well we played with others.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting at best. Last week we experienced one part of what sounded like a multi faceted rocket attack from Liberty, Victory, Slayer and BIAP. On Victory, one rocket hit in the dining facility parking lot destroying two cars at lunch. Made for a rocking-good lunch. Just the day before, two new ITT people came in. They were eating lunch when the rocket hit and promptly made arrangements to leave the following day. Some people have no sense of humor or adventure. I think they had signed up for the Gulf Cruise version of the war.

Then again last night, I was walking up the stairs from the building where I work to the street at about 5:30 at night. It was already dark out so I got a good view of the glow from the car bomb that went off on the highway and the tracers from the ensuing firefight. Not a good thing to be hanging around outside when that stuff is flying around so I high-tailed it over to the chow hall to catch dinner. One of the sergeants today showed me a shell he found near the building. That stuff is like litter here.

Last week we also had a visit from the WWF. They set a stage up with the Al Faw Palace in the background and were doing promo’s for the program that would be shown back home on Christmas Eve.

Bill O’Reilly from Fox News also paid us a visit today too. Too bad no one gave us any warning. He did bring some books with him, but it would have been nice to had a chance to order my own. Personally, I don’t care for some of his strong opinions, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to hear him speak or meet him. Don’t really care for Rush Limbaugh either, but I still will listen to him when I’m at home…in small doses. When he gets to be too much, I tune into the WBBM Business Report and that seems to neutralize his rabid opinions.

I’ve been reading this recently published book about one of my favorite subjects…Rum. The book really gives a pretty comprehensive history of that wonderful elixir that I miss soooo dearly plus some interesting points you would never have expected. Something to keep in mind at your next pool party that gets out of control….

From Wayne Curtis’ “and a Bottle of Rum” (Crown Publishers 2006) “Rum was always on hand for emergencies. Published instructions for reviving victims of drowning in Massachusetts called for blowing tobacco smoke up the victim’s rectum (machines were specially build specifically for this purpose) while bathing the victim’s breast with hot rum.”

Well if that doesn’t give us a clear idea where that term came from about “you wouldn’t be blowing smoke up my behind, now would you?” How do I say pleasant dreams after that one?
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