Monday, December 04, 2006

No News is Good News

02 December 2006

Things are just humming along here and nothing particularly noteworthy has been happening…unlike all the haps around the world. First off, I must mention that we must be doing something right in Afghanistan. They have just recorded their largest harvest of opium in history. How about that free enterprise and democracy? We’re doing a bang up job insuring the Afghans are self sufficient with all their new world markets they have for their cash crop.

Then you have St. Nick outlawed in Vienna because he “frightens children.” And let’s not forget “Santa’s Butt” (lager) being outlawed Stateside in Maine because the label is inappropriate. Santa’s already having a rough season and it’s only the second of December!

At least you know what to get all the teenage girls on your shopping list this Christmas. This years hottest items have to be extra short miniskirts, as so delicately modeled by none other than Britney, Lindsey and Paris. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about the tacky underpants…Britney, Lindsey and Paris have been going commando… I’m guessing to show their support for the troops overseas.

At least you’d think they’d wear an appropriate desert-cammi colored butt-floss (G-string) or possibly something in army green. I must say that their efforts aren’t going unappreciated by the troops here…But the guys over here sure would like the opportunity to catch that act in person live in Iraq or Afghanistan. The girls really need to take their commando act on tour.

I called home on Thursday night (central time) and the flurries just started about 11pm about 60 miles west of Chicago. By Friday afternoon, my hometown of Sycamore had about 13 inches of snow with a nice base of ice. Sounds like the Christmas shopping season will be in full swing now that everyone will be in the “spirit of the season.” Wonder how long it took to clear up that 60 mile traffic jam on I-80 in LaSalle County! I read that they were running food and drink out to people stuck in the traffic with snow machines.

Finally, I have been reading an interesting series on by journalist Miguel Llanos. He has learned all about the frustration of trying to get to McMurdo, Antarctica via Christchurch, NZ and now he has become labeled a whiner by the OAE’s (Old Antarctic Explorers) at MacTown. Someone posted a question on his site as to whether he needed a “whaaaa-mbulance”! I’m guessing that his next assignment will be Iraq. He’s already broken in and used to the delays and red tape involved in getting to these wonderful remote locations. In his defense, he is writing some great pieces about the Antarctic Program and is working at keeping the focus on the people and the support for the science community and their mission there.
You are a hoot my dear!! What a good way to end the evening with some great laughter!! Thinking of you here in cold AZ...tee hee!! is cooling off a bit in good ole AZ....freezing in fact!! LOL!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas sweety!~!
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